The Pen 36th issue

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Editor’s Letter: Human dignity and privacy

Yunus Emre Pehlivan

Secrets of the cell and Allah

By İdris Tüzün

The Qur’an is the Word of Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

Mirza Ayhan İnak /

Muhlis Körpe / Mustafa Topöz

This is the Book

By Ahmet Hüsrev Çelik

A Life Full of Miracles and Its Messages to Us

By Muhammed Emin Yıldırım

Founder of Siyer Foundation, Turkey

Everyone can live the Sunnah

Is it a Sin to not follow the Sunnah?

Privacy in the Family

Prof Dr Ahmet Akın

The Role of the Family in Coping with Childhood Behavioural Problems

By Hilal Ramazan

What is Salah?

By Ali Cirit

We couldn’t Recognize our Children

By Murat Ağcıl

Is it the forces of nature?

By Yunus Emre Pehlivan

O You Young!

By Yusuf Taha Helvacı

Creation of Life and Death

By Hifa Özdemir

The Muakhat System established by our Beloved Prophet

By Hüsrev Acar

I Learned my Lesson from the Mountains and the Stones

By Kürşat İmalı

Superman isn’t real!

By Alparslan Talha Akkurt

Luminous Points from the Book of Light

By Mustafa Topöz