What is Salah?

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Allah built this palace of the universe to make Himself known. Salah (Prayer) is knowing Him.

With His unique arts, Allah declares that everything is the work of His power. Prayer is acknowledging that Allah has no partners.

Allah has adorned this world with endless ornaments to make Himself loved. Prayer is loving Him.

Allah declares His immense compassion with the countless blessings He has bestowed. Endless compassion, on the other hand, is of course worthy of endless respect. Prayer is an homage to Him.

Prayer is praising and thanking Allah, Who created man out of nothing and created him not as a lifeless stone, an inanimate plant, or an unconscious animal, but as the most honourable of the created beings and the khalifa (vicegerent) of the earth. Prayer is the greatest thanking.

Allah shows His love for us with His wonderful beneficence and bounties. Prayer is responding to His love with love.

Prayer is acknowledging that we are Allah’s servants and that we are mortal, helpless, poor, and always in need of the Creator. Prayer is the declaration of servanthood.

Prayer is a response to the invitation made with the azan (call to prayer) at certain times.

Prayer is a sacred conversation with our Mawla (the Protector).

Prayer is a high level of devotion, closeness, and sublime relationship between the servant and Allah.

Prayer is to throw aside the world that is not in our hands by saying “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the greatest), to punish the unfaithful world by forgetting it, and to confide our troubles to the place of mercy with the crying of the heart and to take refuge in Allah’s mercy.

Prayer is a luminous index that includes all kinds of worship.

Prayer is a sacred map that points to the worships of all created beings.

Prayer is a gift from Allah, Who does not need anything, to His servants. Prayer is a gift that comes with the Ascension (Mi‘rāj).

Prayer is an ascension for the believers. Every “Allahu Akbar” is to rise one step further spiritually.

Prayer is a decent, sublime service that any living being, any owner of soul, any conscious being, and any owner of conscience would not be indifferent to, but would like to do with love and enthusiasm.

Prayer is turning away from mortals, getting rid of abasement and being indebted to them, and turning to Baqi (The Immortal).

Prayer is our hearts’, souls’ and emotions’ nourishment.

Prayer is the thing that illuminates, strengthens and exalts faith.

Prayer is the thing that establishes the greatness of Allah in the hearts.

Prayer is the thing that accustoms us to obeying Allah’s orders and prohibitions.

Prayer is the acceptance and announcement of the order established by Allah in the universe.

Prayer is being in harmony and accord with the universe.

Prayer is spiritual strength in the world, nourishmentand light in the grave, certificate of salvation on the Judgement Day, and buraq on the Sirat Bridge.

Prayer is the ticket that makes a person reach Paradise and be honoured with Jamalullah (the Beauty of Allah) on the long journey that is behind the grave.


Not performing the Prayer, on the other hand, is going out of the Divine command, disrupting the harmony, blaming the promise and mercy of Allah, and deprivation of all the benefits and profits listed above.