Human dignity and privacy

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Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah.

Allah gives human much importance. He makes all existents hand in hand and shoulder to
shoulder, each one of them a supporter to the other; and He subjugates all of them to human.

It is human who takes on numberless duties in this life, and who has been equipped with many spiritual faculties and capabilities, and who freely acts upon all of the beings existing on earth.

Human is the privileged addressee of Allah. By hearing the Divine address and acting accordingly, human becomes the most honourable among creatures. That is, what makes human most dignified is his faith in Allah. Those who believe in Allah and become worshipful servants of Him are the ones the most honourable of humanity.

Another important thing that gives us dignity is privacy. Unlike all other creatures, the privacy of the individual and the privacy of the family is a natural feeling inherent in every human being.

Privacy is the basis for the protection and strengthening of marriage, family life and individual rights and freedoms.

In this age, continuing a family life that befits human dignity is directly related with protecting privacy. It is such an important matter that the happiness of a family is based upon privacy.

Today, protection of privacy is getting more difficult. The main reason is social media. But continuing our privacy is still possible by means of right education. It is especially important for parents to provide privacy education to their children in the family.

However, we should be aware that with the education of privacy, we bring dignity and consciousness to our children, not a feeling of shame or shyness.

What we want is not to raise generations that cannot express themselves, defend their rights and are ashamed of themselves. We want to raise individuals who regard themselves and others as ‘the most honourable of creation’ and establish relationships befitting that honour, as a vicegerent of Allah on earth.  

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May Allah help us educate our kids to be among the honourable beloved servants of Him!

I wish you enjoy reading our 36th issue.

Fi amanillah!