Mind Management

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It is a common problem for a Muslim that some involuntary thought and doubts come to the mind at the times of performing a good deed, attending the Jumuah Prayer for instance. Some evil thoughts and doubts occur in our minds at the Divine Presence of Allah SWT. Our heads are hit with them, and they cause us suffer a lot.

Actually what makes this problem complicated is that most Muslims do not know that those evil thoughts are from Satan. They suppose those thoughts are from their “wicked” hearts. Unable to solve what the real matter is and feeling great agitation Muslim flees from the Divine Presence.

This is a tricky trap that Satan uses much trying to convince Muslims that those thoughts really belong to man’s heart; and take them away from the worships, good deeds and religion itself.

First, a Muslim must know that any involuntary thoughts or doubts coming to him are not from his heart. On the contrary, they are from Satan who uses “the tube of Satan” which is the means of satanic whisperings. The simple proofs to this are that Muslim suffers from any inappropriate thoughts coming to him in the Divine Presence; he feels bad and his conscience does not accept those thoughts. Moreover, those evil thoughts come to him involuntarily.

Second, what just Satan wants is that Muslim must suppose those thoughts and doubts belong to the Muslim himself, think that it is harmful, and finally escape from the Divine Presence, which results in giving up good deeds at the end of the day.

Third, neither trying to focus on how such a thought comes to mind and dispel it at the moment of worship nor escaping from the Divine Presence are the solutions.

So what is the solution? Every Muslim knows that illness gives more pain when a person complains about it. However, if that illness is accepted by patience and not given excessive importance and not overwhelmed by it, man recovers easily.

Those evil thoughts and doubts coming to the mind resemble calamities. The more importance they are given, the more they grow. If someone gives them no importance, they die away. If someone sees them as big, they grow bigger. If someone sees them as small, they grow smaller. If someone fears them, they swell and make him ill. If someone does not fear them, they are light and remain hidden.

And say, “My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the incitements of the devils, And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they be present with me.”(Surat Al Mu’minun, 97, 98)


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