Nature creates?

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“If the insightful and wise artistry and existentiation manifestly evident in most existing beings, and especially living creatures, is not attributed to the Pen of the predestination and power of the Beginningless Sun, [Allah subhanahu wa taala], being ascribed rather to blind, deaf and unconscious ‘Nature’ and forces, it would necessarily follow that ‘Nature’ must procure the limitless number of immaterial tools and printing presses necessary for the creation of each thing; or moreover, it would have to incorporate sufficient wisdom and power into each of these things, enabling them to create and direct the cosmos.

And for example, the manifestations and reflections of the sun appear upon pieces of glass on the ground, as tiny as particles and droplets of water. Were those tiny, virtual and reflected suns not to be ascribed to the one sun in the sky, one would be forced to accept the external existence of an ordinary and actual ‘sun’ within each particle-sized piece of glass – unable even to accommodate the head of a matchstick – possessing the characteristics of the actual sun: apparently tiny but actually extremely huge and profound.

Indeed it entails accepting the existence of as many actual suns as there are particles of glass.

Exactly as in this example; if existing beings and living creatures are not directly ascribed to the manifestations of the Names of the Beginningless Sun, it logically follows that one must accept the existence of a natural power within each existent, and especially within living creatures, that has limitless strength and volition, and endless knowledge and wisdom. That is, it would be as if there was a god within [each existent and each living creature.]

Yet this line of thinking is the very most severely absurd and superstitious of all impossibilities in this cosmos.”

– Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, The Flashes, The Epistle on Nature, Hayrat Publishing