Editor’s Letter for Issue 17

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A New Year, a New Breath!

On 15th November, we entered the new year of 1434 according to the Hijra calendar.

This means that humanity has been addressed by the message of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for 1446 years.

Or, looking back from the present time to the past, the Islamic world has had a magnificent and deep-rooted 1446 year history.

But today the situation of the Islamic world is just heart-rending.

Yet, we continue to be hopeful…

Our dreams about the future are more powerful than our memories of painful events…

One fifth of the world population over half of the geography of the world is Muslim.

However, we do not yet have ways of action, solidarity and alliance appropriate to this scale of power and strength!

The lack of competent men and viable projects are two nightmares which are always chasing us!

How can we conquer these two nightmares in this New Year ?

Qualified, well-planned, serious institutions and environments of knowledge and academies must be established!

Unfortunately, people’s minds are confused, their spirits are hungry, their intellects are babbling and their hearts are stiff in this age!

The only address for finding the cure for these illnesses of the End Times is a ‘straightforward knowledge’, that is, ‘wisdom’, and a convenient practice.

With this aim in mind, we are going to roll up our sleeves in this year.

We are going to set out for that goal.

We are going to declare war upon every sort of ignorance, tyranny, factionalism and poverty!

We have to attain and keep a sincere alliance while doing this.

Otherwise, our assertions will be wasted!

Our dreams will turn into delusions!

What we know will turn into nonsense, and what we do will turn into gruelling labour.

Unless there is unity, there will be no grace and blessing!

Unless there is unity, help will not be granted!

For that reason, The Pen magazine is inviting the Islamic world and our friends to join together in unity, alliance and solidarity as we welcome the New Year – 1434.

Let us break the icons of disunity and the taboos of tyranny!

And let us replace them with such a powerful unity that it will provide energy to friends and create fear in enemies!

New Hijra year Mubarak!

May Allah not make the Islamic world a battlefield anymore!

May He grant victory to our oppressed brethren and awareness and insight to the Muslim ummah! Ameen.