“Unless the words are spoken properly…”

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Two thousand five hundred years ago, the disciples of Confucius asked him how he would start work and what he would do first if the authority and power was given to him to solve the problems of the country and put things in order.

He said, “I would try to make people utter their words properly”.

When the disciples asked why he attached such a great importance to the language, he said: “If words are not uttered properly, the words that are heard do not correspond with our intentions. When the words do not correspond with our intentions, the things that need to be done are not done. When the things are not done, art and morality are corrupted. When art and morality are corrupted, injustice becomes widespread and the people falter in confusion and helplessness without knowing what to do.”

One thought on ““Unless the words are spoken properly…”

  1. so that speak properly and do what you speak!
    otherwise people can say for him/her ‘untrustworthy man’ that is not relevant for trustworthy man who was our prophet (sav)

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