Deal of All Times

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All around the world, the definition of “existence” is the basis of all discussions, debates. Yet in the basic aspect of this reality is that it is divided into two parts which are physical existence and metaphysical existence.

Human race is the most perfect form of all the creation. This perfect creation leaves no doubt that it cannot happen accidentally or coincidentally both as a whole and as parts. In this case, there is a Creator of all things in this universe and a Maintainer of all these creations. As human beings we are the perfect creations of One God (swt) and being created is a gift and a blessing from this One God, Allah (swt). So, we should try to understand the value of being gifted by being created. There is no such thing as coincidence, so; nothing came to our hands coincidentally. When we own a property, we feel that we have full right to make any changes on it or keep it clean or dirty or sell it or to keep it, because it belongs to us. Just like the example mentioned, the real owner of physical and metaphysical properties of humankind

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will set the rules and give us roadmaps and guides.

The first reward is coming into existence and the second reward is winning an eternity by just going on the direction of Allah (swt).If we make double check we have no share in it. We are just the drivers. It is mostly in our hands to make an accident or travel safely.

Allah (saw) has only one request from people “to sell one’s person ad property in the way of Him”.[1]

How can it be done?

To sell the trust received back to its true owner. Such a sale yields profit fivefold.” [2]


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First Profit: Transient property becomes everlasting.[3]

Only Eternal and Self-Subsistent Lord of Glory, Allah (swt) can make our properties eternal. For Allah (swt) making them eternal is as easy as creating them.

The Second Profit: The high price of Paradise is given in exchange.”[4]

Allah (swt) shows a great Mercy on humankind by first creating them, giving them life and promising them the eternity on the condition of spending this life as He ordered.

The Third Profit: The value of each limb and each sense is increased a thousandfold.[5]

Mind is one of the most perfect gifts of Allah (swt). Humankind has been trying to develop artificial intelligence for decades. Failures come after failures or it has sharp limits and it doesn’t go beyond what human mind tells it. If we think about our mind, it is clear that it is a perfect creation. Each person can use it up to a limit. If it is sold to its true owner, it gains a great importance by thinking about the perfect creation and admiring it. If it is used for evil thoughts, it may turn a person into a beast who can kill millions of people in seconds.

The Fourth Profit: Human is such a helpless and weak creature that his needs are numerous. If he doesn’t sell his being to Allah (swt) he won’t be able to keep it in good condition spiritually and physically. Thousands of people are committing suicide as a result of not selling their property to Allah. No one but Allah can help

them in this world.

The fifth profit: All your hard works and bearing all the difficulties in this worldly life, will be rewarded with eternal happiness in heaven. Thousands of scholars all agreed that it is %99.9 for sure that Allah (swt) is the only One who is not going to break His promise. So it is the best profitable trade for a human to listen the warnings of the people of truth and worship Allah to reach eternal happiness.

May Allah help us to be strong in this concept against nafs and Satan!

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