The value of health

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Health is one of the greatest blessings that Allah (swt) gave us. Without a proper health our life would be unbearable.  Whatever we do we can’t pay our debt to Allah (swt) for this great blessing.

However, we mankind are ungrateful. We do not know the value of our health until it goes away or we begin to fear losing it. As our Prophet Muhammad (saws) says, “Many people give themselves a raw deal with regard to two blessings: health and spare time.” (Tirmidhi)

As we have a blessing like health, we are accountable to Allah (swt).  We should know the value of our health and be thankful to Allah (swt). We should not waste our times when we are healthy. We are responsible from our health.

The Prophet (saws) says, “The first thing every servant of Allah (swt) will have to account for on the Day of Judgement is that Allah (swt) will ask him: ‘Have I not given you a healthy constitution?’” (Tirmidhi)

The Prophet (saws) is also quoted as saying, “No one will be allowed to move from his position on the Day of Judgement until he has been asked how he spent his life, how he used his knowledge, how he earned and spent his money, and in what pursuits he used his health.” (Tirmidhi)

Since Islam counts health as the second greatest blessing after faith, we should be aware of it and thankful to Allah (swt) for this blessing.  The Prophet (saws) says, “Second to faith, no one has ever been given a greater blessing than health.” (Tirmidhi)

Health is also an essential requirement for the establishment of Allah (swt)’s laws. According to Imam Al-Ghazali “A proper understanding and implementation of religion, from the standpoint of both knowledge and worship, can only be arrived at through physical health and life preservation.”

So, as Muslims we can say that it is our duty to keep healthy and take care of ourselves; or else if we lose our health because of our mistakes, we will be responsible for the prayers that we miss.

Taking care of our health is a way to thank Allah (swt) for this great blessing, as we are going to be questioned in the other world for what we did in this world.