Brainstorming on Earthquake

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Earthquake is the most unexpected and shocking disaster that human face.  People have tried to explain the earthquakes for years; but many cannot explain the quakes in a reasonable way.

Earthquake is described as “a release of energy in the earth’s crust which causes seismic waves.” There is an action of releasing energy; but it is not clear ‘who is the actor.’ It should not be an unreasonable question to ask ‘who the actor is.’ For we know that nothing occurs on its own. Moreover, it is apparent that the causes cannot be the real reasons or actors in quakes. Because it requires a consciousness, mind and will first of all, and many other features. Who can claim that the Earth has got these faculties or attributes? There must an agent/ a doer of the things going on around us.

Nothing occurs accidentally in this universe. And we cannot say that earthquakes occur at random and/or by chance. Claiming that chance/coincidence is a factor in quakes is quite unreasonable. We know that there is an order everywhere in the universe. Disasters are no exception to this principle.

The attributes even on a tiny fly cannot expose by chance, and causes or chance can no way interfere in the creation. So, of course chance does not have an effect on earthquakes.

How can a man (or a scientist) explain the movements of the layers or the plates in the Earth? Who can claim that a quake is ‘triggered on its own?’ If there is a ‘trigger’ action, then who triggered the earthquake?

When the earth is shaken with its earthquake; man says, “What is [wrong] with it?”

Can you imagine? The earth, soil, rock and everything shake in an unbelievable way during a quake. The Earth, which is one of the most pleasant things for human in this life, is no more our sweet home we used to be. It is an absolute shock for humans. And necessarily human questions it.

Human being is fragile. If someone does not have belief, disasters are unbearable for him/her. No matter how much the technology is developed, he is weak and impotent. People who do not know the reality of life and death cannot explain these events to themselves, first of all; to their children and their community; and they cannot console the hearts and minds.

Who is the actor?

Every letter has got a writer; every village has got a chief; every country has got a ruler. How can this universe be without a Ruler?

Allah is the Creator of everything. He administers everything in this universe. If a man does not accept one Creator, he will have to accept the other things to be like gods who affects events in this universe, which is impossible and unreasonable for mind.

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