The Precious Gift…

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Gift… Precious… Valuable… Life… Life is a gift… Actually life is a precious gift…

Who does give such a precious gift to us? Who does provide the maintenance of our lives?

Allah; the one who provides the continuation of life among hundreds of reasons that can end it… Allah; the one who wills us to live… And death… Death comes so sudden… Death news explodes like bomb in life. We get so much surprised when we get death news of people especially our loved ones… All of a sudden we feel depressed and grieved by the surprising deaths of our loved ones. Knowing that you will not be able to see him/her again upsets us. How about life news? Life, living, breathing… We usually take life for granted, don’t we? We live it as it is. We don’t want to add things to make it more valuable and meaningful? Or we add things that don’t really matter but only to pass the time? We see life as something normal and something has to be naturally. Death affects us. But shouldn’t it be the reverse? Death affects us because it is unexpected. Indeed it is expected but it is just unwanted. We ignore death just because we want to live this life eternally. And then when deaths come all of a sudden, they make big and deep impacts in our lives. We don’t want to accept death. We don’t want to believe that our loved ones died. It surprises us a lot. But why doesn’t life surprise us that much? Isn’t the life real miracle? Isn’t the life real miracle since most of the devices we use and properties we have are like enemies of us threatening our lives? And while there are thousands or millions of reasons around that can cause us die all of a sudden, isn’t it Allah who enables to live, who chooses life for us with one of his names “Muhyi”? Isn’t it Allah who maintains our life through all the hardship and through all the danger? So, Isn’t Allah the Miraculous?

Life is called the opposite of death but no, it is not actually the opposite of death. For death, stopping the maintenance is enough. But as to life, it is not that easy. Life has a more complex definition. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi shows us that life has 29 (twenty nine) different functions.[1] For life one thing is not enough. There must be many conditions for life. For example; you need to have your kidneys and lungs and more importantly your heart in order to continue living. But for death if one of these is missing, then death takes place.

Life is the manifestation in the highest degree of the names of Allah Hayy and Muhyi. And as a result of these manifestations, world became prosperous with life and honoured by the arrival of mankind. Ideal human is not an angel. The ideal human is the one who has desires and needs as the other living beings but doesn’t forget his/her Lord, Allah; so he/she can control his feelings and desires. We are born pure. We are born with totally no sins. We come to this world

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in order to develop our feeling and abilities we are given to use during an eternal life which is the afterlife. World life is like a training to prepare us for the eternal life.

Life is a miracle. Life is a gift from Allah (swt). It is what the Holy Qur’an says also “And Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers knowing nothing, and gave you hearing and sight and hearts that haply ye might give thanks”. (Surah An-Nahl: 78) Life is a gift… Life is a precious gift to you from Allah the Most High. So why not appreciate it by using it in the best way? Life is to be cherished and protected at all times. Life is to be respected. Let’s stop for a moment and think about life… As a gift… That we are breathing, seeing, hearing, walking, talking, communicating, all are miracles and gifts from Allah… Let’s start doing it from today to find ease in life.

O Lord we are so weak, impotent and poor; please accept our weakness before your omnipotence and wealth…

[1] Risale-i Nur Collection / Flashes Book / 30th Flash – Fifth Point