The Moral (Akhlaq) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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The finest and most impeccable example of Islam which is the biggest humanness is our beloved prophet (PBUH).

The moral model which he revealed by living and practising himself gives hints about the perfectness of Islamic morales.

Yes, now some samples from his fine Islamic morales are below:

Desire what you want for you also for anybody else, and do not desire what you do not want for you also for anybody else.

Look like as you are, or be as you look like.

Show respect for the elders and show love for youngers.

Forgive and act tolerantly.

Do not search for the other people’s faults.

Suppress your anger, keep your promise, be loyal to your oath.

Never give up being honest and integrated.

Be trustworthy.

Be modest, keep away from conceit and pride.

Keep away from greediness and stinginess.

Be generous.

Be patient in every sort of situations.

Never give up being fair.

Do not neglect your spiritual and physical cleaning.

Be careful about the health and well-being which was granted to you by Allah Almighty (SWT).

Spend your spare time in charities and by good deeds and do not waste your life by trivial things.

Tell people to be patient and righteous (Haqq).

Keep living honestly till the end of your life.

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  1. i want some suunah related information to improve myself n to teach my students
    like….. how to behave with elders,parents and teachers. what were the akhlaq of our nabi-e-kareem (s.a.w), how to protect ourself from the sin and shaitan. how necessary is to be improve our knowledge. and for the judgement day information

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