Qur’an is for Happiness

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“Know that hearts become content only through the remembrance of Allah. (Surah Ra’d: 28)”

Remembrance… Hearts… Contentment…

Hearts find rest only through the remembrance of Allah…

All of us want a good death; all of us want to be in Jannah… Every time we make du’a for it, because we know Allah will accept it. But do we clean our hearts for this? Do we have a clean heart? Your heart (qalb) is not an ordinary flesh of your body. It looms large in the human body and also in the human soul. We must care about it, for if you lose your heart, you lose yourself. Qur’an cares about the hearts so much and gives cures for the heart’s contentment. You must therefore ensure that so long as you are with the Qur’an, your heart remains with you. The heart is not just a piece of flesh but what the Qur’an calls qalb. The more you read Qur’an the more your heart and soul get purified.

Qur’an is for happiness. The contentment of the heart is an aspect of happiness which is achieved through continuing the remembrance of Allah and through the guidance of Islam. Total and perfect happiness is achieved through true devotion in worship to Allah, salvation from Hell, and admission to Paradise in the Hereafter. Devotion doesn’t mean that we, as people living in the middle of a social world, must confine ourselves inside of our houses and no going out. Worship and the remembrance of Allah (swt) don’t always conserve only the dhikr. The remembrance of Allah is also gained by learning Him (gaining the Knowledge of Allah).

Qur’an comes from the highest level of all His Names with the title of Lord of the Realms. And it is also a universal book addressing to all humankind and jinns, past and future generations. For this reason, we must remain alive to the reality that while we are reading the Qur’an, we are in the very presence of Him who has sent these words to us. For, Allah is always with us, wherever we are, whatever we are doing. His knowledge is all encompassing.

There are so many distractions absorbing Muslims into the world. A Muslim must be conscious of these games played on the Ummah. How do we attain this state of consciousness? The only way to attain this state of consciousness is reading Qur’an so much and practicing it. Along with reciting Qur’an we must try to fathom the Glorious meanings of it as best as we can. And Risale-i Nur Tafsir is a contemporary way to fathom The Glorious Qur’an. Risale-i Nur Collection explains and proves the truths of Islam and Iman (belief) which are specified in the Qur’an and Hadith in the best way in accordance with the concepts of this century.