Priceless Merit – Gift Giving

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Gift is the thing that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation.

Did we ever think about the value that gift giving provide for the human relationships?

According to the results of an academic research, it is understood that, a child who learns sharing his belongings at an early age tend to develop positive relationships as he grows older. This process starts in the very early stage of humankind. Learning the sharing. Gift giving is another way of learning this sacred attitude.

There are many ahadith of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) about gift giving, and he describes the good effects of it on human relationships.

In one of the hadith the Prophet says; “Gift giving strengthens respect and fellowship and compensate the bad feelings like envy, stinginess and egoism. This also results in having abundance in livelihood.” (Muwatta, Musnad, Tirmidhi)

As it is pointed out perfectly, “gift giving”, in other words, “sharing” plays a very crucial role in the heart of the society. Everything must be balanced correctly between people from different economical levels. The relationship between the rich and the poor should be kept warm through gift giving.

It is such miraculous to see that a rich goes to the door of a poor and gives him food, clothes and various gifts by knowing that he is just delivering the bounties of Allah the Almighty and the poor prays for his goodness and thanks him by knowing that the real sustainer is Allah and the man who brought all these things is just a lovely servant.

This is just an example. It doesn’t have to be in that way all the time. A rich can also give gifts to a rich, too. There is no limitation in giving. Our Prophet (pbuh) says that gift giving is a way to clear all hitches among people.

In another perfect hadith of our Prophet (pbuh), he says “I swear by Whom my soul is in His hand, you will not enter Paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love each other. Do you want me to guide you to something which if you practice, you will love each other? Spread greeting with peace among of you.” (Bukhari)

The religion of love, mercy and peace. May Allah help us to give more in the way of His, share more and love each other more for His sake…