International Andalus Symposium

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Andalusia Symposium was held in the 1300th Anniversary of Muslim’s presence in Andalusia in order to raise the awareness about Andalusia Civilisation and to introduce firstly “the culture of living together” and all other values from Andalusia to humanity.


• The main goal of the symposium organized on the occasion of 1300. Anniversary of The Conquest of Andalusia is to introduce The Andalusia Civilisation to public,

• To analyze this civilisation which was a source of inspiration for Western Enlightenment and also the peak point in Medieval Period in terms of civilisation and political-military power of Islam,

• To reveal Andalusia Architecture which

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disappear; to contribute all these values to have the right place in World Humanity Heritage List by passing them on the next generations,

• To struggle for introduction and revival of Andalusia Culture and Civilisation.


1. Session: Religious and Social Life in Andalusia

a) Religious Life in Andalusia Society

b) Economic Life in Andalusia Society

c) Social Structure and Relations in Andalusia Society

d) Intergroup Relations in Andalusia

2. Session: Science, Thought and Art in Andalusia

a) The Effect of Andalusia Civilisation to Western Thought and Science

b) Architectural Understanding of Andalusia as a constructing civilisation

c) Art and Aesthetics in Andalusia Civilisation

d) The Contribution of Andalusia Scholars to Islamic Thought and Islamic Knowledge


1) To attract people’s attention to Andalusia and by this way to the values of Andalusia Civilisation,

2) To reveal the scientific and cultural contributions of Muslims to humanity,

3) To contribute to initiative of Alliance of Civilisations by discussing on principles of Andalusia Civilisation.

See Frames from Andalus