Patience in Three Ways…

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There are times when we feel ourselves weak, helpless and desperate. It happens for a reason. Sometimes our loved ones pass away, sometimes we lose our health. In one way or another, life reminds us that it, itself, is a hard path of examination. And in this long path the only way to get through the hardships, the key word and solution is “Patience.”

In a detailed definition patience means “the power of suffering with fortitude, uncomplaining endurance of evils or wrongs, as toil, pain, poverty, insult, oppression, calamity, etc.”

It is a kind of power, a gift given to all humankind. The reason of the failures in life should be searched in the usage of this credit.

“An impatient man does not act with slow deliberation, and so either skips some of the steps and falls, or leaves some deficient; he cannot mount to the roof of his goal. Thus, greed is the cause of loss. Patience however is the key to all difficulties, and the saying, “The greedy is subject to disappointment and loss,” and Hadith, “Patience is the key to happiness,” have become like proverbs. That is to say, Almighty Allah’s grace and favour is together with the patient.”(The Twenty-Third Letter-Fourth Question, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi)

Impatience that is shown against some incidents changes from person to person even from time to time. In our rapidly developing world, gaining wealth, fame and success takes the first place. Our minds are under a strict pressure of a huge wave of attacks to turn us into consumption monsters and the ideal concept of this struggle is to get us used to the new ideology “culture of now”.

“Buy it now, have it now, have what you want in this very moment”.

The feelings of people from the poorest to the richest get whipped through this harsh propaganda.

The rates of self-immolation has increased unbelievingly in the past years. Because they are spending the credit in wrong places. Allah the almighty taught us through his prophets and books the way that we should follow on this earth. For patience there are three crucial ways of using it affectionately as mentioned below by Said Nursi.

“The first is to patiently persevere in refraining from sin.”

The values we can gain can be reached by preserving ourselves of doing bed behaviors. Sinners always prefer to take the paths that take them to the eternal suffering and pain. None of their actions will make them feel comfortable. And there is no any bad action which is not labeled as sin by Allah.

“The second is patience in the face of calamity; this to place one’s trust in Allah and to submit to Him.”

Absence of this priceless truth may take a man even to commit suicide. In this perfectly created universe, every little thing happens for a reason. Sometimes we may not realize the hidden cause behind the incidents.

When we lose one of our loved ones, we may feel so sad. It becomes the hardest thing to get used to it. Reality comes out if we start to think over it, if our loved one is so old, this is a kind of mercy from Allah to him because by taking him from this life, Allah took away all his sufferings and pains caused by the old age.

Sometimes we may not catch a bus and we feel so sad and angry. But that bus might have an accident within two hours. And when you see the crash on the news, you just take a deep breath in and then out and then you say “Thank God, I missed that bus.”

This truth means we will always try our best to achieve the goals in life. But when we face with some different results that we don’t expected, we should not lose our faith and we must thank to Allah and trust him by confirming from the heart that Allah knows the best for us.

Sometimes we may feel broke and poor. But we can’t know that, if in that period of time, if we get rich, we might lose our control and we can do something wrong easily. And this might bring more calamity to us than the previous situation that we have been in.

After trying our best and all the ways with sincerity, we must show our submission to Allah and pray for the result which will be good for us.

“The third sort of patience is patient perseverance in worship, which raises a person to the station of being bloved of Allah. It urges a person towards perfect worship of Allah and servitude of Him, which is the most elevated station.”

The first and second step of this truth finds its ultimate point with the third one. It means consistency in worshipping to Allah.

“Seek help in patience and As-salat( the prayer). Truly Allah is with As-Sabirun (the patient). (Surah Al Baqara, Verse153)

There would be no meaning of patience if there were no calamities. We wouldn’t understand the worthy of what we have in hand. It is incredibly respectful and profitable as well as it is pretty hard. Because the devil is always there, not giving up, whispering its evil thoughts in our ears. It is the point of struggle with our nafs. The key is us. It is in our nafs, in our ego. It is about how to shape and guide and direct our nafs. This is a kind of credit given just at once. All we need to do is discovering and learning and directing and finally using it correctly and properly.

May Allah give all of us the stability on spending all of our resources, faith, time, health, wealth…