Conference on Halal and Healthy Products

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The 4th International Conference on Halal and Healthy Products was held on October 13-14th 2011, in Istanbul.

The organizer of the conference, GIMDES (Association for the Inspection and Certification of Food and Supplies), is a “Halal Productions Research Institute.”

The topics covered during the conference were as follows:

  • Implementation and Application of Unified Halal Standards Worlwide
  • Halalness of Transgenic Foods
  • Halal Certification and related problems in non-Muslim countries Halal Products Trade between Muslim Countries
  • Affects of vegetable oils and margarines on Human Health
  • In search of True Halal- Is it possible to have it worldwide?

GIMDES is an institution which defines its main aim as “to search for halal and healthy food for Muslim consumers and provide halal certificate for those products as an assurance for both market and consumers.”

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