October – December 2012 issue

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Cover Story

Nursi’s Doctrine of Resurrection and the Relevance of the Divine Names by Dr. Mahmoud al-Misri

Life and the universe are manifestations of the Names of Allah (SWT). Those Names, which are eternal, necessitate that their reflections also be eternal. In this perspective, life should go on even after death, though it may be in a different place and form.

Criticism in human relations and the damage it can cause by Mahmud Babur

Within the framework of enjoining what is good and preventing what is evil, taking an effective approach towards people’s mistakes is important. If we do not evaluate the balances and factors involved well, the results may be counterproductive.

Clashes in Human Relations and Solutions by Idris Ferid

A healthy and stable society is comprised of psychologically healthy individuals. For such a society to flourish, the relations and communication between individuals should be solid and vivid, and the clashes in communication should be dealt with appropriately.

The Educational Methods of Our Prophet (PBUH) by Vahap Gultekin

As a model in human relationships, the methods that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used in spreading his cause and mission will prove to be effective if we can apply them successfully in our own educational activities.

The Teaching of the Verified Faith by Mufti Muhammad Saeed

The Creed system of Islam has been established by the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Yet, sometimes a false interpretation of the verses by some scholars may lead to the formation of wrong principles in the Creed system.

The Wisdom of Prophethood and its Necessity by Yusuf Muhammad Eid Sil’u

Sometimes the human mind may be enough to conclude that there must be a Supreme Creator to explain the existence of the universe and the things in it. But the commands of the Creator and the details of servanthood can only be understood through the tradition of prophethood.

Concentration and humbleness in Prayers By Mohammad Qasim*

Although the main prayer in Islam (known as salat in Arabic) is ostensibly made up of some physical movements, indeed it should be performed with reverence, concentration and humbleness which can only be reached at the end of a spiritual education process.

Racism; an evil haunting all humanity by Muhlis Korpe

Nationalism, and its extreme version racism, has fed many conflicts in the history of the world. These illnesses, which are now aggravated problems amongst the world’s Muslims, are capable of being healed by the cure of the Qur’an.

Tawafuq, the Cipher in Qur’an and the Book of the Universe (2) By Zafer Zengin

Tawafuq (sychronicity) in the universe opens the gateways of wisdom for those who wish to decipher it.

Tawafuq (the synchronicity of things and events in time and place) is a talisman and a cipher in which the mysteries of the book of the universe are encoded. It clearly indicates the wisdom and knowledge, will and power, order, measure and balance, coherence and cooperation, similarity, alliance and unity behind the existence of the universe. It is a seal which proves the existence of the magnificent and great Lord of the universe; and a key to the treasure of the names and attributes of Allah (SWT).


Imam Nursi, after living a life full of struggle to save the faith of the people and to defeat the materialist ideology, left behind a service which is now illuminating the paths of millions of people.

Two Fearsome Conditions of the Modern Age by Ismail Kaya

Since the Risale-i Nur is able to respond successfully to two of the most fearsome challenges of modern life, it has proved to be beneficial to many and it affects people minds and hearts easily.

Islamic Finance: Is it really Shariah-compliant? By Tariq H. Cheema

As he delivered his welcome address to delegates at the Global Donors Forum in Kuala Lumpur recently, Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sought to make a few crucial points about the necessity, and viability, of Islamic finance and micro-finance in today’s world.


by Dr. Mohammad Siddik, MA

A model for sustainable development. A joint cooperation between Turkey and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Jeddah.

The Importance of Repentance www.askaquestionto.us

Dietary Prohibitions by Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Hussaini

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