How to give up sins?

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Sometimes we realize that some of our habits are actually sins. Although we accept this, we cannot give up those habits/sins. And we always feel sorry for this. So how can we get rid of this situation and stop committing sins that have become our habits?

Strengthening the faith is the way to give up them. And knowing Allah (SWT) is a must to strengthen the belief. We can know Allah through the Qur’an. It tells us about magnificence of Allah, the severity of His punishment, and His vast mercy. Whoever understands these attributes of Allah will always be afraid of Allah’s punishment and will never lose his hope in Allah’s mercy. When he encounters a sin, he will not commit it remembering the punishment. And when he encounters pious, good deeds and worship, he enthusiastically will try to perform them keeping in mind the vast mercy of Allah.

Actually, worship itself helps us to strengthen our faith. Especially, performing the five prescribed prayers empowers the belief; what is more, the prayers are the means to other worships and getting away from the sins. “Indeed, prayer keeps (one) away from immorality and wrongdoing,” (Ankabut, 29:45) expresses this truth.

The sin is like a poisonous honey. Just after committing a sin, its pain comes. Apart from the punishments that will be given in the hereafter, every sin includes an immediate pain and torture here in this world, too. If we can realize this (that we even suffer from the sins- spiritually, psychologically, and even physically- in our worldly lives), we will be stronger not to continue committing sins. And the worship not only brings us benefits in the hereafter. There is an immediate and great pleasure included in worships, too. We can really feel and experience it after we perform worship.

If we show these two facts (that there is instant pain after a sin, and instant pleasure in worship) to our souls, it will help us to give up our sins and to perform our worships better. Because the feelings of man are afraid of present suffering and pain as they are very fond of immediate pleasure.

Allah is always present with us; we can get rid of sins keeping this in our minds. A person with a strong faith knows the existence of his Creator by contemplating the creatures in the world, and realizes the attributes and divine names of Allah seeing the continuous works of creation everywhere. So, that person gets to know his Creator. And he thinks it is a disrespect to commit sins in the presence of Allah, and he gives up bad morals and sins. Everyone has a share from this reflection and gets benefit as much as he can.

Alhamdulillah, there are many truths to strengthen our faith and to guide us to give up our habitual sins. Aforementioned are a few of them. We ask Allah (SWT) to make us among the ones who abstain from sins and the ones who truly perform their worships. Amin.

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  1. This article I very well written.
    But one thing this article shows us is that we should be WITH people who reminds us these beautiful things; in other words, we must make good friends. This starts from ourselves, of course. 🙂
    Allah bless us all. Ameen.

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