How the previous Holy Books corrupted?

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How the previous Holy Books (Psalms, Torah and Gospel) corrupted?

Imam Said Nursi explained this issue as follows:

1. The phrases of Torah, Gospel and the Psalms (of Prophet David) are not miracles like the Quran’s phrases.

2. They were translated from the translated versions again and again; as a result many different and incorrect words mixed into them.

3. Moreover, the words and wrong explanations of commentators were mixed up with the verses.

4. Furthermore, some ignorant and ill-intentioned people’s corruptions

Because of these, the corruption and changes in the Holy Books increased. Indeed, many scholars such as Rahmatullah al-Hindi proved the corruption of the former Holy Books scientifically in his book (Izalatu’l-Evham) and silenced Christian and Judaist scholars of his time.

Despite so much corruption Husayn al-Jisri, a famous and talented scholar, found one hundred and fourteen proofs about the Prophethood of Ahmadi (Muhammad) (PBUH) in those books, and he wrote them in his book “Risala al-Hamidiya”.


*See The Treatise on Mu’jizat al-Ahmadi, The 19th Letter, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi