Guide For Humanity (2)

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Qur’an is the Pre-Eternal and Post Eternal word of the Creator of the Universe. As for the universe itself, it is composed of the created verses of Allah (SWT). In other words, it is the concrete manifestation and reflection of the names and attributes of Almighty Allah. So, we see that Allah has basically manifested himself in these two ways apart from others. Within this point of view, it can be clearly understood that there should be no contradiction between what Allah created and what he orders and mentions about his creation in his holy books. If it is Allah who created the universe and everything in it, then there is no way there could be such a paradox.

There are natural rules within the creature, which is called Adatullah. The concept of Adatullah stands for the individual and inter-relational rules and orders installed by Allah (SWT) within everything among the creatures, and which are being interpreted through sciences such as biology, physics cosmology, psychology and others with regard to their structure and functioning. When we look at all of those sciences, which are still being generated and multiplied, we see that in essence they all mean nothing but make up some sort of explanation and interpretation of the divine work.

So, is it at all illogical or impossible to have one complete book which initially describes and informs us about the true reason, structure, functioning and all other aspects of the universe? Indeed, this is the only logical way and even more, if there were no books or source or information like this, it would be the most illogical and absurd thing in the universe.

Similarly, one of the reasons of the emergence of sciences is to understand the world and find the best way to live in and benefit from it and to protect ourselves from unwanted occasions and problems. In this regard, if we put religion aside, it can be said that the more sciences progress, the better way of life will be found. Since the world is a complex entity, it can be said that the most appropriate idea or explanation for something within this complexity is to be reached through resolution of this complexity and through the combination of all sciences addressing the nature of something from many perspectives.

As an example, relations between men and women can be examined by a number of areas such as sociology, psychology, biology, economy and so on. Today, there are some general ideas as well as some theories and researches regarding how the relations of men and women should be organized. However, these are not the final and best decisions or opinions over this matter. Moreover, these ideas vary and are different from each other in different parts of world, in different segments of society, and they have all been different throughout the course of civilizations and they are bound to change in the future. As a result, humanity seems to be helpless even in finding a common and suitable answer regarding one simple issue. Because, none of them could find a best way of life that would let them live peacefully and today we are having sociological traumas in every part of the world as a result of ill-willed or wrong perspectives of contemporary people regarding the organization of the relations of men and women in the society.

In this case, it seems it would take zillions of years or would be impossible forever to combine all the sciences and find the most suitable solutions for the humanity’s problems to apply and live in individual and sociological lives, economy, politics, justice and all other areas that you can ever imagine.

On the other hand, Qur’an is the word of Allah which is initially intended for conscience beings, namely humanity, so that they can reflect upon its verses in order to learn who created them and the reason behind their creation and the universe, and what they are supposed to do and how they should lead their lives in order to have a blissful life both in this world and in the hereafter and to deserve the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

In summary, the orders and prohibitions included in the Qur’an belong to Allah (SWT), who is the Pre-Eternal and Post-Eternal Lord of the universe, the true owner of everything and the creator of time and place. So, it is impossible to say that the orders of the Qur’an are false, deficient or old-fashioned. On the contrary, it is true at all times and at all places. It is the true source sent down for humanity to be guided to the right path regardless of the change of time and circumstances. What’s more, its orders and prohibitions are being better understood as the time progresses and humanity develops.

In the next column, we will give a few examples regarding that Qur’an is the eternal guide and its orders are eternal and ever true.

May Allah guide us in the right path and live by the Qur’an.

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