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A feeling of distress, apprehension, or alarm caused by impending danger, pain. This is fear. One of the most crucial one among others like affinity, obstinacy, ambition, anxiety and thousands more. Feelings have two sides in the core ambition of their creations. The first side is for this world but it is not the true purpose of a human being. The other side is for the hereafter and in the name of Allah (swt) and our feelings and emotions are mainly blessed to us to be used in this second way which is in the name of Allah.

If we ask ourselves the question, “what are we afraid of in this worldly life?”, it is for sure that, the answer would take a great deal of papers to write. This would be being afraid of gun, fire, snake or death. And it would also go on with the fear of failure, denunciation, acrophobia or getting ill. This feeling is given us to protect our lives. It is the feeling of fear that prevents us to fall down from a skyscraper or from the cliff. The precipitating is fear that makes us run away when we see a wild animal. If it wasn’t a part of our creation, we wouldn’t try to escape but we could get killed by that kind of animals or fall down from a high building and die.

There are two sides of this feeling as well. One is the actual purpose and the other one is metaphoric. The fear of Allah means using this fear in the actual purpose. And fear of all other things even people as is metaphoric. Either we will be afraid of people which will bring calamities to us or we will fear from Allah in the real manner which helps us get closer to Him. It pushes us to the mercy oceans of Allah.

From the very early ages of humankind, the struggle between the good and the bad never changed. All the servants of Satan have used this feeling affectionately to terrorize the people. Once it was Pharaoh, once Nimrod and in the near history, many names can be mentioned like Hitler, Mao and so on. On the other side, there were always Prophets beginning with Adam and later on many of them came like Moses, Jesus and the last one Mohammad (pbuh).

With the creation of this world and creation of humankind, Allah informed us and taught us His religions on earth through His messengers. The first human was the first prophet. The enemies of Prophets used fear in order to prevent communities to practice the good and live in peace. On the other hand, Prophets were calling their people to fear from Allah not the Satan or its servants, to find peace both in this life and in the hereafter.

Torture, imprisonment, death, joblessness were the threats on believers. In one verse Allah (swt) warns us “It is only the devil who would make (men) fear his partisans. Fear them not; fear Me, if ye are true believers. (Al Imran, 3:175)”. In one another verse Allah hath said:” Choose not two Gods. There is only One God. So of Me, Me only, be in awe. Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth, and religion is His forever. Will ye then fear any other than Allah? (Nahl, 16:51-52)

Allah is the only One who has infinite power. Nothing in this universe can even move one cm without the permission and order of Allah. If it is thought in this concept, trusting Him and fearing from Him is the most profitable trade for humankind. Fire didn’t burn Prophet Abraham because it couldn’t. Even fire acts with the order of Allah. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi was poisoned 19 times in various prisons and under surveillance, but even poison acts with the permission of Allah.

It is pretty clear from these passages that people of religions and good showed perfect resistance against cruelty and empire of fear. Most of the times they had hard times and they sacrificed their lives in the way that they believe. And Allah supported them both in this world and in the hereafter. Those who took the wrong path by being afraid of worldly purposes got their soul and heart killed by this feeling.         Brave rejections to the evil thoughts sometimes may look like a big loss for this worldly life and may take humanity into a snare with full of limitations and pain. Being patient against all these hardships is the most honourful way of living for the sake of Allah.  Because transient power centers are not aware that their rulership is so weak and limited. Enduring all these things by protecting and preserving our life in the way that Allah wants from us means we are truly in fear of loosing the love of Allah. And Allah will bless us and grant us against all of our enduring from cruelties and calamities.

The result of fear of Allah is unlimited happiness. May Allah help us to stand strong against the disbelief and cruelty whatever it costs and fear of Allah in the real manner.