Editor: Swear by the Pen and its Writings!

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In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.Swear by the Pen and its writings!

Endlessly Praises be to Allah, Our Lord that He bestowed ‘the Word’ and ‘the Pen’ upon us and He made us the Students of ‘the Pen’ writing the meanings of ‘the Word’. Praises, as many as the numbers of the letters written in the past and will be written in the future, read and will be read , be to the Lord of the all Universe, Allah (Subhana Wa Taala)

We are, with the first issue of “The Pen”, administering the oath that we don’t have any other wish and purpose but His Consent.

I am almost hearing your question of “Why did you choose the word of ‘The Pen’ as a name of it?” For this question, a short answer is, as follows :

As a precious stone, ‘diamond’ has got such a high value, in exactly the same way ‘the Pen’ has got the same worth from the point of truth. Allah, The Owner of the Eternal Word shows the importance of it revealing the surah named ‘The Pen’. (al-Qalam).
This was revealed during the Period of Mecca and consisted of 52 verses, starts with the verse, “Nun. By the Pen and by the (record) which men write.”
In one of the first descended verses, Allah, the Most High describes Himself as “He, who has taught (the writing) by the pen ” (Al-Alaq, 4). This verse indicate us the importance of the pen.

While Our Beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon Him), who stated as ‘Allah created the pen firstly’ in one of His Sayings, was sitting with His Companions (May Allah be pleased with them all), He (PBUH) asked Hilal (RadhiAllahu Anh) “Do you have your pen with you?”
Hilal replied : “No”, then Our Prophet (PBUH) said : “O, Hilal. Always carry your pen with you! Because, all the goodness will be within the pen until the Day of Judgement.”

The Pen has got the prosperity if it is used for the goodness.
The Pen has got the power as long as it serves for the Divine Might.
Regarding this point, Katip Celebi says: “The pen has got such a style of striking that it is much more sharp than the blood poured by a sword. All the writers will be gone away to the nonexistence but, what they’ve written will live as long as life goes on.”

Celebi ends his words with this advice: “Write nothing but the words that will make you glad on the Day of Judgement.”

For the present, ‘The Pen’ is being published once in a period of three months.
In this first issue, we have chosen the subject of the Unity of the Islamic World as the main topic and for the cover page. Because, the unity is our most important need regarding all the scales and fields. Concerning this topic, we are presenting an important article by Mr.Ali Kurt, the Turkish Representative of the Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World.

“The Pen”, the first seed, the first grain and the first experience of a big tree which we would like to plant in our spritual world.

We hope that this seed will cause a giant tree of wisdom.
We hope that this experience will make the Magnificent Army of the Pen to be excited.
We hope that this grain will give thousands of flowers and enable us to collect the perfect crops -like the Companions of Our Prophet (PBUH) – that will amaze the harvesters.

But we musn’t forget that : We are living in a world of objects; here, the Rules of Divine Origin are current and the Principles of Advancement are probable.

Please, consider this modest periodical as a foundation stone put in in the basis of the School of Wisdom that we’d like to build. We will raise this School by kneading the soil mixture of the black light pouring from your pens and we will plow this ‘Field of Wisdom’ altogether, Inshaallah.

Now, I invite you to a journey through the pages of ‘The Pen’ in which you will smell the wisdom. Please, come in!

The efforts are from us; the success is from Allah, the Lord of the Universe who has got all the keys and controls of everything.

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  1. It is for the the first time I came across a magazine like this. I really feel proud of your venture.can i get the print version? Good lucks and best regards for circulating the true picture of Islam.

  2. Is the media power broking scandal a war between magazines and newspapers + tv? The world knows that magazine subscription revs are falling.

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