Demanding the impossible

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How fragile and weak we have become, are we aware? We used to say that when you have faith, there is possibility. Now there are all sorts of possibilities, but our immunity, mood, and relationships have become so weak, we have become so hurtful that we do not hesitate to lament for ourselves.

If the electricity is out, we are miserable. If we see a little disease, we’re miserable. Even the thought of deprivation gave rise to incredible panic.

The present civilization we rely on and the thought driven by it are not accustomed to absence. They never admit the shortcoming. No error is accepted.

Then the question comes to my mind, at least to my mind: Is the search for the better of things, and the contemporary understanding of civilization that tries to construct this, actually what makes everything bad?

Why am I saying this?

In our world, where the Covid-19, whose total weight holds almost one gram, brings the entire earth to heel, the World Health Organization gives the definition of health as follows: “Health is not just the absence of disease and disability, but a state of complete well-being in physical, spiritual and social aspects.”

Well, is such a thing possible then?

This is only to demand the impossible. Demanding the impossible cannot go beyond harming oneself. Because there is NOT such an earth to meet the definition of the organization! Believing in the definition of the organization and looking at this world with this belief will only cause trouble.

Some ideas that do not agree with this definition stand up in front of us with a concept called “surviving” as a solution. While the definition of the health organization misinterprets the world, “surviving” gives the wrong meaning to human.

When the definitions say that they have produced solutions, they actually open the door to unresolvedness, and eventually they do not go beyond putting both the world and the human into trouble.

For the world is the place that consists of opposites, and not permanent but temporary. It is the transit point, not the destination. Human is nothing but a being infinitely helpless and endlessly poor with only his life capital in his hand. So he can’t handle things by himself.

Before you look at those who hold money and apparent power and say “Give me a break”, I say you to look at Nimrud, Karun, and Pharaoh. What they call might, what they call power, what they call existence has only been their test in their life. They were “drowned in a spoonful of water” and perished.

What happened in history may seem too far away to take lessons. At least, let’s take advantage of (and take lessons from) this pandemic against which the world has declared its helplessness. Let us turn our face to the Owner of true power and wealth, while we are freed from our souls a little bit. Let’s renew our faith in Allah and reinforce our obedience.

Let’s know that the world is not a world of “full well-being” which today’s world tries to engrave into our dreams and push us to through the virtual world; and let’s act accordingly.

The world is only a place of test. There are troubles, there are problems, there are diseases and they will continue to be. Ignoring them or trying to eradicate them altogether is to demand the impossible.

The exact state and place of well-being is the land of the Hereafter, the homeland of paradise, where opposites are separated. The world is a preparation place, a field, and a cultivation place for there; it is a place of training. It is the place of test where we will determine the result with our choices.

Knowing our true state and the truth of the state enables us to live a healthier life, for it will help us knowing what to do. Difficulties cannot stop our progress; on the contrary, they enable us to reach perfection. But our ‘misknowledge’ about things and walking with it will be troublesome for us both in the process and in the end.