The trees and plants make the Creator known

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By the instruction of the Most Noble Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) and the lesson of the Wise Qur’ān, one can understand that all of the trees and plants existing upon the earth know the Merciful Creator and self-evidently make Him known by means of their leaves, flowers and fruits; just as the sky, space, the earth, the sea and the mountain know Him and make Him known with all that they contain and by means of the creatures within them.

Each of the leaves upon every tree and plant that are in an ecstatic movement of remembrance (dhikr); and each of their flowers that describe and make known, in their ornamentation, the Names of their Artful Maker; and every one of the fruits smiling because of their elegant delicacy and the Divine mercy having been manifested upon them; all bear witness to the necessary existence of a Compassionate, Generous Artful Maker of infinite mercy and generosity.

Moreover, the leaves, fruits and flowers’ order containing magnificent art, and the balance existing in that order, and the ornamentedness existing in that balance, and the engravings existing in that ornamentation, and the beautiful and multifarious fragrances existing in those engravings, and the different, diverse flavours of fruits existing in those fragrances; all, with respect to the unity and togetherness of these trees and plants, self-evidently bear witness in unification to the unicity (waḥdah) and singularity (aḥadiyyah) of the Artful Maker, Who is the Necessary Being (Al-Wājibu’l-Wujūd).

Those trees and plants’ mutual resemblance in bearing the stamp of creation, and their proportionality in their mode of being directed and administered, and in their mutual congruity in the actions related to their having been brought into existence, and in the Lordly Names that pertain to them, and in the Names’ directing the illimitable intermeshed members of that one hundred thousand species simultaneously with neither error nor oversight; all self-evidently bear witness to the unicity and singularity of the Artful Maker.

They also – in the magnificently executed nourishment and management, which involves hundreds of thousands of styles and forms, with neither oversight nor muddling, of illimitable members of the army of living creatures that is made up of four hundred thousand communities upon the face of the earthtestify to the grandeur of His Lordship (rubūbiyyah) in His unity (waḥdāniyyah), and to the gravity of His power that brings the spring into existence as easily as it does a single flower, and to the connectedness of His power to all things.

And that nourishment and management demonstrate, moreover, the absolute expansiveness of His mercy that prepares for His innumerable animals and for mankind the diverse, illimitable types of foods, in every place upon the face of the vast earth.

And the occurrence of these limitless events in perfect harmonious order and alongside these instances of bestowal of blessings, management, nourishment and operations, and the obedience and subjugation of all things, even the very particles, to those commands and operations gives a conclusive demonstration of the absolute expansiveness of His rulership (ḥākimiyyah).

And it is an obvious fact that the making of all those trees and plants and every leaf and every flower and every fruit and every root, bough and branch, and their every bit and every affair is with knowledge and sight in accordance with careful attendance to general benefits, welfare and wisdom. This gives a very manifest demonstration and points with unlimited fingers to the fact of His knowledge encompassing all things, and of His wisdom embracing all things.

And each of these trees, plants, leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, boughs and branches extols and praises with numberless tongues the beauty of His artistry that is of singular perfection, and the perfection of His blessings that are of singular comeliness.

Furthermore, all of the trees and plants hallow, glorify and praise Him with the words of each of their leaves, flowers and fruits. Similarly, each and every one of those words in itself hallow Him. The masterful flesh of fruits, and their exceedingly diverse artistry, and their extremely marvellous seeds are their litanies.

All of these are subjugated within His kingdom, through His strength and power, and His volition and beneficence, and His mercy and wisdom, and they are obedient to each of His commands.