Consolation for the coronavirus patients

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The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on earth. Millions of people were infected by the virus, whether believer or not, and tens of thousands have died. At this very moment, how can we give hope and solace to the believers? How should we view this disease?

Even though at the first glance diseases and calamities seem ugly, pointless, malicious, and bad, in reality, for believers they are beneficial and good. How, you might ask? Let’s try to explain it briefly.

1- First of all, we wish for wellness for our brothers and sisters or those whose families are sick from this disease, and we say, Allah Almighty tests people in this world. Sicknesses and calamities are necessary for this test so that it can be understood whether people will have patience and be grateful, or whether they will be rebellious. Thus, the coronavirus is a test, which can be overcome with patience and gratitude.

2- Just as a tailor cuts and sews a dress he puts on a model and fashions it to be beautiful to show his skill, so too does Allah Almighty wants to show His benevolence to us – His subjects. By restoring our health, by sending food to the hungry, and by helping those which suffer from disasters, He reveals what He is like. Therefore, this pandemic is an opportunity to comprehend Allah’s grace.

3- These kinds of diseases and troubles also serve as a warning from Allah Almighty to those who are lost in heedlessness and sin. So that they may pull themselves together and remember their true purpose. With this warning, He gives a chance to those that have strayed to find the true path. So, this coronavirus is a Divine reminder.

4- A mother can scold her child for his misbehavior so that he does not develop bad habits and face problems in the future. Nevertheless, after this scolding, the kid finds solace in his mother’s arms. Similarly, calamities and diseases are like a scolding from Allah. The coronavirus is a means for us to seek comfort in Him.

5- Yet another aspect of these diseases is, as a result of His mercy, Allah Almighty sends these hardships on our way, so that we may repent of our sins in this world, rather than face them in the afterlife. Therefore, this coronavirus is like a soap which cleanses us from spiritual filth, and is a path of redemption from our sins.

6- Allah Almighty saves us from pride and hubris by reminding us just how helpless we really are. People who are reckless, who live as if they will never die and forget all about death and the afterlife see how much this small virus, which can’t even be seen, is a threat to them. With this disease, they understand the vanity of material possessions, and are reminded of their mortality. Therefore, with the help of the coronavirus, people understand their helplessness, weakness and powerlessness, and how much they need Allah’s infinite mercy and power.

7- There is another wisdom in this: Allah Almighty increases the rewards that He will bestow upon people with the severity of the hardships endured. It is reported to us by way of hadiths that an hour endured in sickness by those who are patient and who don’t lose their gratitude, and for some devout people even a minute, is as a day spent in worship. So, the coronavirus, for those who patiently endure, is a path to achieve a lifetime of worship in only a small time.

8- One understand the value of what he has better when he loses it. With the help of the virus, a coronavirus patient understands what a blessing and a gift breathing, eating and drinking freely, spending time with one’s family, being in a social gathering, or even walking outside truly is. Therefore, coronavirus teaches us the value of gifts that Allah Almighty has bestowed on us.

9- And lastly, we know from hadiths that Allah Almighty counts those that die from incurable diseases and calamities to be martyrs for His cause. Allah Almighty in his infinite mercy will accept the believers who pass away due to this disease as martyrs. Therefore, if it ends with death, the coronavirus is a way to become a martyr of Allah, a rank not everyone can achieve.

Instead of taking this disease at face value and saying “Oh no!”, we should look at what it means and how we can gain spiritually from it and praise Allah. Let’s take our precautions, spiritually by praying and materially by heeding the advice of experts, and try to greet the gifts that will come from Allah.

May Allah cure all those suffering from sickness and indeed from anything else!

May our patience and gratitude be everlasting!

With greetings and prayers.