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Question: Who or what taught humanity the cleanliness?

Answer: When we look at the people of world, we see people are clean. Nowadays we know it is inevitable for health but technology showed us this. I mean we see bacteria, viruses, etc. We know what kind of diseases they cause and how they can cause them in the absence of hygiene. However, religion taught people to be clean centuries ago.

I want to start and carry on with logic. One of the ways of knowing a person is to understand him by his work. As an example, we know Leonardo Da Vinci by what he had done. We know what he thought, how he thought. It is like he talks to us via his paintings, designs, inventions. Anyway you already know what I mean.

This is one of the ways that we get to know Allah, the Creator of everything including earth which is magnificent and so much clean. Let us take a look at ecosystem; it is so clean that nothing from dead bodies to carbon dioxide we release is messing around. Even the shed skin of a snake is a snack to insects. What I am trying to say is if earth is clean, so is Allah (swt).

Allah created human being and contacted them since the first human via prophets, books. Well if you think reasonable it is necessary that Allah contacts us to answer all the questions starts with why. However, not just he answered all questions, He also taught us many things. Cleanliness is one of them. As I said prophets and books, we shall go on with the examples from His Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and His book Qur’an:

Prophet (pbuh) said:

‘Cleanliness is half of the religion.’(Muslim)

‘Islam is the religion of cleanliness. Be clean. Only the ones who are clean will get in heaven.’ (Daylami)

Here we see islam does not just direct us to hygiene which also means health, also rewards.

Examples from the Qur’an:

‘Clean your outfit.’ (Muddaththir, 74:4)

‘There is no doubt, Allah loves who repents and cleans.’ (Baqarah, 2:222)

As the last words, be clean.

Peace be upon you…