Africa 1 Aid Convoy: ‘Breaking the Siege on Gaza’

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The embargo implemented in Gaza still continues. 1,5 million Palestanians- approximately 2/3 of them are living in refugee camps- have been suffering for a long time. Despite the limited access to Gaza and the hardships on the borders, aid convoys to Gaza will not stop.

One of them is Africa 1 Aid Convoy, organized by Al-Quds Foundation, SA,  which will be coming from South Africa passing through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan and Egypt.

Africa 1 Aid Convoy route

Objectives of the convoy are defined as follows:

  • To create an awareness in Africa on the plight of the people of Gaza;
  • Vest the leadership of the Convoy to Gaza in Al-Quds Foundation;
  • To assume responsibility for the humanitarian struggle for freedom in Gaza;
  • To lead the Convoy with sincerity, which shall form the essence of the Convoy;
  • To reach the people of Africa and to serve as a means of conveying the “Message of Islam”;
  • To provide humanitarian aid to the People of Gaza.

The needs of the people of Gaza are determined by the leadership of Gaza and not by convoy organization. Some of those things already identified are:
•Medical Supplies
•Water/Desalination (Detoxification) units
•Educational needs
•Medical needs
•Left hand drive vehicles

The Convoy comprises of three legs which are Awareness Campaign (reached its goals), South African Leg before departure to Gaza (in June) and Departure to African Countries to Gaza (in July).

The Convoy aims to enter into Gaza from Egypt border in the first week of Ramadaan.

Many organizations pledged their support to the Convoy. Channel Islam International, MJC, Jamiat Ul Ulama (Lenasia branch), Radio Islam, Palestinian Solidarity Group, Central Islamic Trust, PSA, Al–Aqsa Muslim School, Universities, Colleges, Islamic Schools, Communities and Civil & Government Agencies are among them.

The South African Muslim community is known as a very influential community. It has been playing a pivotal role in the struggle for the safeguard and liberation of Al-Quds, Palestine.

For more visit

Al-Quds Foundation Directorate at Meeting

6 thoughts on “Africa 1 Aid Convoy: ‘Breaking the Siege on Gaza’

  1. Alihamundulilai, I feel blessed to be affiliated with Africa 1 Aid Convoy. Viva Palestine, Victory is certain. A pain to one is a pain to the umaah. It was nice to meet the convoy in Bulawayo late Tuesday night. Though was unable to join the convoy in spirit we are together. One brotherhood. May The Almighty Aziwajali make it easy for you. Inshaalah.

  2. salaam my desire was to have joined the very first africa first aid convoye from cape to gaza unfortunate i will not be going but insha allah soon i’d like to wish every person who has given all that they had in making it possiable for lifting this very inportant event off the ground may the allmighty shower his blessings upon you and your family my he keep your’l united from now till qiyaamat and give the gaza people the same freedom and peace of mind we enjoy in south africa insha allah .viva alquds viva viva moulana ighsaan viva viva moulana ahmad viva viva moulana abdul ghaalik viva viva shakir baker viva and viva to the the rest of the team vivvaaaaaaaaaaa liberation to the people of palistine vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. i would like to join your convoy from egypt to gaza inshallah. will it be possible for me to fly to egypt an meet your convoy there.also i need to know for how long will your convoy will be in gaza.will musy
    t i book my return date.jazakallah
    cell 0836034028
    willing and ready to go anytime

  4. The Israeli occupation has specifically targeted the olive groves of Palestinians due to its symbol of identity for Palestinian culture and its economic benefits.

    The olive tree is also a symbol of belonging, strength, peace, tranquillity and harmony for Palestinians, which the Israelis are trying to destroy.

    Olive trees are a major commercial crop for Palestinians, and many families depend on these trees for their source of income. Palestinian olive oil is regarded as the best in the world.

    Its wood is also widely used as a main heat source in homes throughout the Palestinian territories.

    Moreover, together with zaatar, zait, ground thyme and fresh kmaj bread, Olive oil also forms part of the basic item of the daily meals of Palestinians.

    In this regard at the end of June the first African land based aid convoy will be travelling from Cape Town across Africa into Gaza and one of the main aim is to plant one million olive trees- Almighty Willing.

    h/ m SAEED
    south africa

  5. good day
    i need to print the map of africa 1 aid convoy as it does not appear to be very clear especially the towns and country they will be passing through.

  6. Yes, Palestine issue is honor of Muslims. I appreciate all efforts are being done for that goal. Thank you African brothers.

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