The UNIW Holds International Family Conference in Indonesia

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UNIW held International Family Conference in Bandung, Indonesia. 150 NGOs representatives, scholars, academicians and bureaucrats from 15 countries participated in the conference.

The theme of the conference was ‘Family Issues in the Islamic World: An Overview”.

Final decleration of the conference presented important topics to the attention of world public opinion. Some of them are as follows:

  • Family is the most important institution, which has got no alternative, for healthy individuals and society. We expect that this importance accepted by all the ancient religions and cultures is realized today, too; and the unity of family is supported.
  • We attach importance to strengthening the relative relations in order to solve the problems originated from the structure of immediate family. In this regard, we demand that the NGOs and governments develop joint projects in order to bring the culture of Silat al-Rahim (visiting family and relatives) back to life.
  • We think that solving problems of the Islamic World such as poverty, division and ignorance must start in the family.

The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World is an umbrella organization established in 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey. At the present, the Union have got 152 members from all around the World.

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