A Small Paradise: Family Life-1

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“A small world and a small paradise of every person is his home (family),” says Imam Nursi. It is only possible to start a paradise-like family life with the spiritual principles like compassion, respect, love, intimacy, devotion which are results of belief in God and hereafter.

It is possible to live a family life with our spouse and children like in the paradise, or to make it turn into a hell. It is in our hands. So here are some suggestions for all of us to make our family life better:

For a happy family life:

1- Believe sincerely that the family is a blessed institution

2- Realize that your spouse and children are gifts from God, and know that the bounty increases when thanked, and know that the pleasure of that bounty will increasingly continue

3- The moral values like loyalty, intimacy, devotion and fidelity in family life are only strengthened with the belief in Allah and hereafter.

4- What is important for family life is that its unity lasts for a life time in peace and happiness

5- Know that the deep love and relation among the family members does not just arise from the worldly needs, and that your spouse and children will be eternal friends in the hereafter, and so act accordingly.

6- It is quite normal that there will be disagreements in the family; the point is to handle those disagreements together

7- Keep in mind that your spouse and children are entrusted to you by Allah, and it is your first responsibility to take care of those trusts

8- A happy family life certainly depends on the mutual love, respect, compassion, trust and tolerance

9- The individuals in the family must achieve to hold empathy for each other

10- Spend time with your family at home, because it is directly related with the value you give to them

11- If the spouses understand what really the marriage is, and know their rights over each other, that marriage is never broken down

12- Do not forget that TV and internet make people forget that they have a family and prevent them from spending time with family members

13- A husband, who believes in hereafter, will not only have love and affection for his wife during just a few years of her youth and beauty; since he knows she will be his eternal wife, he will love her for the hereafter

14- The individuals in the family should sincerely express their opinions; because sincerity is the strongest elixir for the happiness.

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