The most valuable legacy: Sunnah al-Saniyya

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O Allah, Who turns the states from good to bad, from bad to good!

Turn our state to the best! Bestow upon us good states!

Those who long for the truth look for an awakening, an uprise, a revival.

There it is Sunnah al-Saniyya!

The source of water of life…

The source of paradise springs in the world, which has never lost its abundance in asr al-saadah- the age of bliss- and following centuries…

The brightness for the eyes that has lost their light and try to hold on to life…

The destination for those who are in search…

The safest harbour to take refuge…

Sunnah al-Saniyya.


Sunnah al-Saniyya is to understand the mystery of living for Allah, to spend all the emotional capital, love being in the first place, for Him.

Sunnah al-Saniyya is to take to the roads as Bishr when it is said “Come.” But it is also to stop at the door [and return back], when necessary, like Uwais al-Qarani even if deserts have been crossed.

Sunnah al-Saniyya is to look forward to the drum of immigration in which Bilal like voices shake the heavens, to run to servitude by forsaking the worldly life.

Sunnah al-Saniyya is to decently host Habibullah (asm) in the palace of heart which is the place of manifestation of Allah (swt).

Sunnah al-Saniyya is to stand at attention with an enthusiasm of duty in the presence of the commander-in-chief (asm) like the companions (ra).

Sunnah al-Saniyya is to balance between tongue and heart through manners and prayers, to help the bitterness of tongue and stiffness of heart lessen and ease through salat and salaam.

Sunnah al-Saniyya is that the reason and emotion do not take precedence over the messenger of Allah (swt).

Sunnah al-Saniyya is mercy’s overtaking wrath – that is, it is compassion itself.

Sunnah al-Saniyya is a great luminous revolution that turns our night into day, and winter into spring.

Sunnah al-Saniyya is to be able to look at the universe through his eyes and the eye of faith, and to go up to the station of vicegerency.

Sunnah al-Saniyya is to be brothers and to live the rejoicing of eid.

Sunnah al-Saniyya is the best of states (awāl), to go into the state of the messenger of Allah (swt).

Sunnah al-Saniyya is to take a sip from Kawthar even in this world, to attain intercession.


Being with him, Prophet Muhammad (asm), is possible by holding on to Sunnah al-Saniyya.

Holding on to Sunnah al-Saniyya is to look at the universe through his eyes, his luminous glasses.

Then only then, the terrifying face of the worlds will change, the darkness will be dispersed; everywhere will be enlightened and enlivened. Mercy will rain upon the worlds.

Then only then, the beings will not be seen as strangers and enemies. Everything will be friendly with the truth of “Since He exists, everything exists.”

Then only then, the mark of ‘disappearance and separation’ on everything will be erased, the humanity, which has fallen down to a state lower than the animal, will rise up to a station higher than the angel.

Then only then, the universe will be saved from being plaything of the coincidence; it will be the mirror of the Divine Names of Allah (swt).


Through obeying his Sunnah al-Saniyya the Name of Nur (Light) will manifest, and the small and big universes will be enlightened.


O our Lord!

Send peace and blessing upon our Prophet Muhammad, who is the doctor and remedy for hearts, good health and cure for bodies, light of eyes, and upon his family and companions. Amin.

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