The most noble creation: Human

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Ahmet Efendi

Perhaps the most fortunate of all humanity in realizing the greatness of the created world should be the people of this age. Because the developments in the field of science and the advantages of technological equipment in observation and research have given this age’s people the opportunity to look at the world they live in much more realistically and closely. Looking at the world with this perspective, humans have been able to observe the size and fineness of the world they live in, both at the macrocosm and microcosm level. Despite reaching very strong data about the realm in which they live and the magnificence of that realm, this situation has not brought humans closer to their Creator. The reason for this is that they preferred a point of view that looks at the existent beings in the name existent being themselves. In fact, the origin of this attitude is hidden in the devil’s temptation. The statement “You created me from fire and him from earth”, which Satan offers as a reason for not prostrating to Adam (as), explains many things. The point of view that seeks meaning and superiority in the substances of creation is still almost the first excuse for heedlessness and misguidance.

There are two important aspects of Satan’s attitude when he tries to justify his rebellion and blasphemy. The first of these is the comparison he made between Adam (as) and himself, and the second is his manipulation about the materials of creation of Adam (as) and himself. The effort to determine superiority and acceptance by a comparison between fire and earth, rather than attitude, behaviour, virtue, morality, obedience to the Divine Order and Divine favour, made Satan one of the unbelievers.

In a documentary on the BBC Earth channel that I watched a few days ago, an American astronomer said things like the following: When Edwin Hubble noticed in his observations the fact that a star that blinks far away is actually a star in the Andromeda galaxy, another galaxy closest to us, showed that we are not that important as humans in this universe.

Please pay attention to this point of view now. Why is human not important? Because the universe is much larger than expected. What significance or importance could human have in such a large universe the boundaries of which cannot be calculated?

The point of view that looks at the universe in terms of its massive majesty in order to understand (or not to understand) the meaning and importance of human, and that thinks how human can even matter in this tumultuous world, and the comparison made by Satan are the result of the same paradigm of blasphemy.

The point of view that looks at the sun and sees the gases such as helium and hydrogen in it and the hydrogen explosions caused by them and the formation of heat and light necessary for life on earth as a result, and considering the human being much less important than it, based on the size of the sun, is no different than thinking that the heating system of a huge palace in which people live is more important than human beings. Because the sun is like a stove and a lamp for the human who is the most honourable guest of this palace of the world.

It is impossible for those who do not know the reason and level of the guest house owner’s interest and favour towards human beings, to comprehend the wisdom of the care shown, and the bestowal and blessings given. Because those who try to understand the secret of this world with measuring and weighing instruments in their hands have made a mistake at the very beginning. For, the wisdom and secret of this world can only be understood through the translators and envoys sent by the owner of this world, and through the books that are communicated to the residents of the guesthouses through those translators and envoys.

At this point, the astonishing secrets of this multi-embroidered world, which is a manifestation of the importance given to humans by their Lord, and the uniqueness of its splendour, are not of the kind that can be grasped by those who see their own existence only as a being made of flesh and blood. In short, with a materialist point of view, human beings can never be understood, and their value and importance cannot be realized.

Human can only be understood with the meaning and duty entrusted to him by his Lord, Who made him His vicegerent, Who made him the vicegerent of all creatures, and a knowledgeable custodian for His artistic possessions. Besides, the all-encompassing servitude of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his prayer for happiness in two worlds, and his unmatched love for his Lord prove how human – in his essence’s universality – is worthy of endless Divine love and how he attains endless Divine grace.

Aside from the magnificent arts on human’s outward appearance, the adorned embroideries, and the beauties in his face which show that he is the most perfect creature of the Lord; the Divine importance, meaning and value given to human is essentially about meaning, spirituality, and it is about the most comprehensive servitude and duty of obedience to the Divinity – which is entrusted to him. This is a secret that is clear to the hearts that realize their Lord and turn to Him with the intention of believing in Him and obeying His orders.

Although a person has a very small and perhaps insignificant mass physically, he has been made so important that he cannot fit into the world with the capability of endless love and affection inscribed in his heart. Even if it is a metaphor, Almighty Allah, Who is free from time and space, sees the heart of His believing servant as a dwelling place for Himself.

Although he was not very well received by the Ahlu Sunnah and the Ottoman scholars due to his hurufî identity, the following lines of Sayyid Nasimi (1369-1417) are very valuable in terms of explaining the Divine secret and ore hidden in human.

“Məndə sığar iki cahan, mən bu cahana sığmazam,

Gövhəri-laməkan mənəm, kövnü məkana sığmazam”

(Two worlds are contained in me; I am not contained by this world.

I am the jewel of no place; I am not contained by the universe.)

Even if one looks at the rules of balance and direction, which are the most obvious qualities of our conviction, human cannot be perceived in a lower and different nature and form than being the greatest secret of Allah (jj), His artistry and the most outstanding mirror of manifestation of the Divine Names. Because of all these truths and secrets, perhaps the most important duty of human should be to discover that secret and meaning hidden in himself and to gain the approval of his Lord by assuming a life compatible with that secret and meaning. Let me finish my words with the words of Imam Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (qs):

“O human who knows himself as a human! Read yourself. Otherwise, there is the possibility of being a human that is like an animal or a lifeless being.” (The Thirty-first Window of The Thirty-third Word) As’salam mani’t-tabaa’l-Huda!