Sincerity tips

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#1 Allah’s good pleasure must be in your deeds.

If He is pleased, the shunning of the entire world is of no importance. If He accepts your deeds, then the rejection of all people has no effect. Thus, you must make ‘gaining directly and solely Allah’s pleasure’ your fundamental purpose.

#2 Do not criticise your brothers working for the Qur’anic dawah.

For man’s eye does not criticise the other, and his tongue does not object to his ears, and the heart does not see the deficiencies of the spirit.

#3 Do not trigger a sense of envy by selling your virtues, showing your imaginary superiority to your brothers.

For man’s hand does not compete with his other hand.

#4 Know that all of your power lies in sincerity and truth.

Blessing comes about as a result of sincerity.

#5 Take pride in the nobility of your brothers, and thank Allah for having such brothers.

Forget your egotistical sentiments and live while reflecting on the merits of your brothers.

#6 Meditate on death.

It is ‘delusional long-term hopes’ that damage sincerity and drive one to ostentation and to this world, it is ‘meditation on death’ that arouses one’s distaste for ostentation and makes one to win unto sincerity.

#7 Journey in thought from the present time to the future.

Step by step you witness your own death; then the death of this very world itself. And this opens a road to the most perfect sincerity.

#8 Acquire the Divine Presence by means of critically verified faith and contemplation.

The Compassionate Creator is present and watching; do not seek for the attention of other than Him.

#9 Do not compete over material benefits.

It impairs sincerity step by step, and impairs the fruit of the Qur’anic dawah, and causes one to lose even those material benefits themselves.

#10 Be always on alert against the lower self, caprice, sentiment and delusion.

They can sometimes deceive you. That’s why man need to be severely warned at times against violating the sincerity.