The spiritual diamond sword

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Whoever has the spiritual diamond sword will be victorious

In this article, we will present an important issue that should be taken into consideration from the views and thoughts of Imam Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. Let’s remember and understand some of his statements that the Risale-i Nur will be on the agenda of our country and the world in the near future.

Our beloved Master, Bediuzzaman, explains what the Risale-i Nur mean for the people of faith at this time:

The epistles of the Risale-i Nur explain and discover more than a hundred secrets and mysteries of the religion, the shariah and the Qur’an; silence the most obstinate deniers; prove and show, as clear as the sun, the truths of the Qur’an, like the ascension (miraj) and the bodily resurrection – which are assumed incomprehensible, to the most obstinate and stubborn philosophers and atheists, and have caused some of them to have faith. These epistles will of course arouse the interest of the globe of earth and the heavens. The Risale-i Nur is a truth of the Qur’an that will busy this age and the future with itself. It is a spiritual diamond sword in the hand of the people of faith.”1

Yes, the Risale-i Nur is a spiritual sword that will refute all the superstitious claims of the people of misguidance, prove and clearly show the truths of faith and the Qur’an with evidence, and lead the sane ones of the unbelievers, who are unconsciously advancing in the darkness of misguidance, to the path of guidance, and illuminate the believers who have doubts and hesitations about their faith because of the influence of the materialist philosophy and thus are confused with the lights of truth.

Those who own this sword are nominees to be blessed with the bliss of the world and the Hereafter. This sword is the guardian of the people of faith and the spiritual opponent of the people of denial. It is a spiritual Dhulfiqar in the hands of Muslims.

Those who possess the Risale-i Nur, those who have obtained and engaged in its service of iman and Qur’an, will attain salvation. Imam Bediuzzaman states this as follows: “The individuals, communities, nations, countries that will endeavour to read, scribe and propagate the Risale-i Nur will be saved from the worldly and otherworldly harms, will be brought from darkness into light, and will attain happiness and salvation.”2

Our Master Said Nursi was a person who experienced very difficult times. He was an important personality who never ceased to struggle with difficulties, who continued his struggle with misguidance until his last breath, who was an invincible fighter of war against the invading deniers in Ottoman lands, who lived under the Russian captivity, who lived in three different periods: the periods of Sultan Abdulhamid Khan, and the government of the Union and Progress, and the Republican era. He was well-known in these three periods.

Imam Bediuzzaman is a hero of Islam who declared total struggle against irreligion by spreading the truths of faith during the period when the country and our nation were exposed to feverish propaganda of irreligiousness. He never gave up struggle even when he came face to face with death.

He devoted his entire life of eighty-three years to Allah and the service of faith without a worldly pleasure.

He saw the victory of the Risale-i Nur late in his life. With the peace of having raised thousands of students who are heroes of Islam like himself, he passed away from this transient world to the eternal abode.

On his way to the Hereafter, the Master said the following words: “I declare to you, absolutely and with lots of signs and with certain belief, that in the near future, this homeland, this nation and the government in this country will need works like the Risale-i Nur in the face of the Islamic world and the rest of the world; will show their existence, dignity, honour, historic pride by showing the Risale-i Nur.”3

Let us now try to determine the service (dawah) measures that look to the present day by benefiting from the truths he expressed based on all the experiences of this personage who devoted his life to knowledge, faith and the service of the Qur’an:

Measure: Believers who are sceptical about imanic and Islamic issues and those who lost their faith in the darkness of irreligion by being astonished by the influence of philosophy can come to light with Risale-i Nur. The books of Risale-i Nur have so far refuted the claims of the unbelievers and saved the faith of thousands of people who have fallen in doubt in faith. Millions who do not drop the Risale-i Nur from their hands and tongue are witnesses to this. Both in our country, Turkey, and abroad thousands of converts who accept Islam through the Risale-i Nur are also witnesses.

Measure: In the Risale-i Nur such secrets of Islam and faith have been explained that they really respond to the suspicions and sceptics of this time. Moreover, issues like the ascension (miraj), fate, the resurrection of the body after death, the existence of Allah, the existence of angels, the spirit – which are difficult to understand – are explained in such a clear and understandable way that whoever read them well will have no objection against these issues. Moreover, such deep truths have been explained in the Risale-i Nur that the people of the faith will engage with them until the Day of Judgment, they will not be able to stop reading and trying to comprehend those truths.

Measure: Reading, scribing and publishing the Risale-i Nur is the cause of the blessings and a means to be saved from the otherworldly and worldly troubles and disasters. If individuals, communities, nations and states want their bliss and salvation, they should read and make others read, and scribe the Risale-i Nur and make the others scribe; let them strive to distribute it by using every means available. If this is tried for a while, everyone will understand how right our Master is in this cause. What do you say, isn’t it worth trying?

Measure: Our Master, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, knew very well why the people of absolute disbelief and irreligion were targeting our country. In 1898, the British colonial minister in his speech in the parliament showed the Qur’an in his hand and said: As long as this Qur’an remains in the hands of Muslims, we cannot control them. Either we must take this Qur’an from their hands or we must make the Muslims alienated from the Qur’an.

Imam Said Nursi knew that the moves against Islam in Turkey were of foreign origin. Imam Said Nursi also understood very well that these attacks against Islam would continue in the future. Therefore, he started his struggle by saying, “I will prove and show to the world that the Qur’an is a non-extinguishing and inextinguishable spiritual sun.”4 The Risale-i Nur is the shape in flesh and bones of this purpose. Imam Nursi has given the news that against the spiritual attacks of the irreligious currents that will develop over time, our nation and our governments will respond with works like the Risale-i Nur, which explain and establish the truths of faith.

We wanted to express this truth for the record once more. May Allah preserve our nation, homeland and all the people of īmān from the attacks of irreligion!


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