Honest Detective

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Once upon a time, there was a sultan. This sultan had a very interesting habit. He chose his own detectives with care and made them work for his country. The Sultan chose a new detective every year, and he set some important rules for it. The most important of these rules was that the detective must be honest.

Again the most talented young people gathered one day. They solved the most difficult questions and passed the most difficult tracks. There’s only one section left. The most honest person would be chosen as the private detective of the sultan. The sultan seated all the youth before him. He started talking to them:

O brave youth of my country!

Now I will do some tests;

I’m going to ask questions for being detective.

Whoever answers the way I like,

I’ll make him detective for my country.

There were three youths in front of the sultan. All three were very excited. They all wanted to be detective; they wanted to be chosen for this special mission. They had to find the answer that would make the sultan happy. Now, the sultan wore a really ugly kaftan. Wearing the kaftan so eager that everyone thought that the sultan loved it very much. The sultan embraced his kaftan and turned to the detectives and began to speak:

Young man, you in the first rank, tell me;

let me get your opinion on this kaftan.

The young complimented the sultan immediately when he saw that he loved the kaftan:

My dear sultan, you are really tasteful.

You have chosen the most beautiful kaftan in the world.

The sultan said, “Well done, young man.” He looked at the second young man and repeated his words:

Young man in the second rank, tell me;

Let me get your opinion on this kaftan.

The young studied the sultan a little. Because he loved the kaftan, he replied, “beautiful”, though he did not want to:

O our great sultan!

You had the world’s rarest caftan.

The sultan smiled happily. He repeated the question to the third young man. However, the third one thought different from the others. He thought this ugly kaftan didn’t suit the sultan.

O my great sultan!

You are so grand and strong.

This kaftan overshadows your grandeur.

And it doesn’t look good on you.

I think you should wear a kaftan worthy of your glory.

So you’ll feel better.

The sultan frowned. He was almost going to be mad at the young man, but he suddenly started to laugh:

Well done! I’m picking you up as my new detective.

Because I believe you made an honest and correct comment.

It wasn’t the applause that made me happy.

Even if I am a sultan, you must be truthful.

So you’ll be a good detective.

The sultan chose the third young man as detective. Because power and might were not enough to trust. Honesty was the most important condition for a detective. The most important character to be trusted was to be truthful.