She is Mine…

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“…Give glad tidings to the steadfast, (Surah Baqara; 155) Who say, when a misfortune strikes them: ‘Lo! we are Allah’s and lo! unto Him we are returning.’” (Surah Baqara; 156)

“And of His signs is this: He created for you helpmeets from yourselves that ye might find rest in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy. Lo! herein indeed are portents for folk who reflect.”  (Surah Rum; 21)

“Losing a life… Losing an angel… So many plans they had… Future plans together… but now life seems to be fading away into a dark tunnel…” Is it really fading away into a dark tunnel or does Allah conveying you a message through these events?

They were married, a really happy one… They were also undergoing some hardships but it was still a happy marriage ever… He was a friend, a lover and a good husband, overprotective of her and his wife was an obsession for him. Always thinking about her, calling her every now and then at work even… She was a loving wife and a loving mother… But her husband’s love was scaring her from time to time… Whenever he asked her: “Do you love me?” She was answering: “Yes, I do. You cannot imagine how much I do. But I love Allah more than you. I love you, because you are a gift to me from God making my life happier, increasing my thanks to Allah and belief in Allah. I love you in the name of Allah.” And she would tell the hadith: “Seven people will be shaded by Allah under His shade on the day when there will be no shade except His. Among them are two persons who love each other only for Allah’s sake. Your love scares me dear… You are always afraid of losing me one day. You won’t lose me unless Allah wills. Even if he takes, you must go on with your life, because it is Allah’s will. Place your trust only in Allah. Don’t love me because it is me, love me because Allah blessed me to you.”

One day his phone rang… His beloved wife had a car crash, she was in coma. He was so sad he called his friend: “I am losing my angel. She is in coma. They say she will die. I don’t want to lose her, please make dua, I cannot live this life without her.”

He went straight to the hospital and yes, she was in coma and the condition was not so cheering. He was crying… Her family was there also. They told him to make dua and be steadfast and read Qur’an so that his heart would find ease… and they added: “You will not lose her unless Allah wishes…” God was telling him something by giving this to his beloved wife.

After a week, he called his friend again and said: “It has been 7 days since my angel is in coma, and now life seems to be fading away into a dark tunnel. I am trying to find the light at the end. Every day I try to wake up a brand-new day. It is so hard, you cannot imagine. All I see is sadness. She was mine, she was my everything. But you see me now, I lost my everything. She was mine. I have nothing now. I am really numb and asking for guidance to get through another day. Help me find a way to guidance.” His friend told him “She is still in coma, not yet dead; she will not die unless Allah wills. Please don’t lose your hope in Allah. This is a test for you, remember this. God reminds himself to you. Please be steadfast and see through the wisdom behind this. And read the 155-156th ayahs of Surah Baqara and Surah Rum; 21. She is not yours. She is a lovely blessing for you. Allah gave her to you as a blessing and only He can take her back from you. Pull yourself together, you didn’t lose her. Please read the ayahs I told you, you will find ease and will be able to think reasonably. Love her in the name of Allah.

He started to think about these words… He made researches in Qur’an. Everything was from Allah’s side. Good and bad… Everything had the meaning… Every step… Then, every word made sense for him. Each word of his beloved wife: “Love me in the name of Allah; you won’t lose me unless Allah wills.”

All of a sudden, his phone rang and it was the doctor. Her beloved wife was out of coma. He was so surprised but he was so happy… He was crying tears of happiness. He went directly to the hospital… His wife was there… Looking into his eyes… Alive again… Allah blessed her to him again… he looked at her and said: “I realise now that you were given me as a blessing to increase my thanks and belief in Allah. You are not the aim. You are a gift to me and a means to make me increase my belief and thanks in God upon seeing you every time to say Allah “O Allah thanks for blessing me such a peaceful gift, making my life even better and making me happy with her. I realise now that you are not totally mine. I thought that you were gone… God tested me with you. Do you remember that you were always saying “love me in the name of Allah.” They both understood what they meant. He went on: “It was like He was addressing to me. “She is not yours, she is mine… I created her and I own her… I love her more than you do. I care for her more than you do. I gave her to you and I can take her back from you. Your love towards her must not be only for her, but in the name of Me, your Lord. All your loved ones will leave you one day, they all transient. I am the Eternal I am the Baqi. I am the creator.” They now loved each other more, because they knew it is not a transient love any more. They would be eternally together…

Allah placed an endless love into our hearts. Since this love in the heart is endless, it doesn’t satisfy with transient and fading loves and lovers. Humans love eternity and needs it, and one needs and wants all the beauties and gifts be eternally present. It is only possible with the real love. Being eternal is peculiar to Allah. Thus; only the love of Allah can turn transient loves into eternity. Thus only with the love of Allah other creatures can be loved. Otherwise they are not worthy of loving only for the worldly purposes, because they had to perish and die in one way or another since they are transient… And they only leave their grief behind their departures. By saying “ya baqi anta’l baqi” one turns his head from transient to eternal… Baqa (Being eternal) is only peculiar to Allah. “O Eternal one, You are the eternal… You are the one having no beginning and no end… O Allah make us of those who love for His sake TRULY.” Amin Amin Ya Mu’in…