A five hundred years wide paradise for every person

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It has reached us in the narration that “in paradise a man is given a paradise of five hundred years.

How could this reality fit into the intellects of the people in this world?

Just as everyone in this world has their own individual and temporal world, and the pillar of his world is his life, and he benefits from that world of his through his outward and inward sensations, and he says “the sun is a light of mine and the stars are my candles.” Just as other creations and spirit-endowed beings are not a barrier for him to own his own world, rather they liven up his individual world and embellish it. Similarly, thousands of degrees superior than this world, every believer has an individual five hundred years wide paradise.

One benefits, in a form befitting the paradise and eternity, from it with their senses and feelings that developed according to their ranks. Other people’s participation does not impair their ownership and benefit, rather they strengthen. And they embellish the special and wide paradise of one.

Yes, just as a man in this world benefits from his journey in a one hour wide garden, or on a one day wide promenade or in a one month wide country or at a one year wide resort, with his mouth, ears, eyes, taste as well as other senses, similarly the same senses of smell and taste, that merely benefit from a one hour wide garden in this passing world, benefit from a one year wide garden in that eternal paradise. And the senses of sight and hearing that can merely benefit from the one year wide resort here in this world there in the paradise benefit from a journey in the five hundred year wide promenade in a way that is befitting that glorious land embellished from one end to the other. Every believer enjoys, gets pleasure and benefit with their senses that expand and develop in accordance with their rank, rewards and acts of kindness.