Message of Secretary General of UNIW for New Hegira Year

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Secretary General of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) has published a statement at the eve of Islamic New Year. In his statement Sadıkoğlu said: “Today, problems and challenges directed to the Islamic World should prevent us from running after small profits. I wish new year of 1431 to be beneficent for the Islamic World bringing victories and happiness to all of our brothers.”

He stated that: “1431 Hegira year will be a revival year for the Islamic World, if it can move together in full unity. It is the time for cooperation in the unity saying “we” instead of “I am”. We have many more common points that do not leave any room to advance controversial circumstances.”

Sadıkoğlu pointed out that the problems in the Islamic World which witnesses human tragedies in quiescence of global powers should find a solution itself, if not, then there will be nobody to do it.

After determinations related to the Islamic World UNIW Secretary General invited every party in his new hegira year message:

1- Israel still continues its unjust and unlawful embargo imposed in Gaza. It displaces Palestinians and establishes new illegal settlements. Masjed al Aqsa is being gradually destroyed and grabbed. The right of return of millions of Palestinian refugees is banned in spite of international law, United Nations resolutions and basic human being livings. We invite regional and global actors especially Islamic countries to follow more active policy. In this regard, we also invite our Palestinian brothers to be united resolving problems.

2- In Kashmir, there is still unsolved situation despite UN resolutions. In this matter, we invite USA and India to be sensitive and not prevent the rights of Kashmiri people.

3- We demand immediate end of the occupation of Iraq and to detect crimes and perpetrators during the occupation to bring them to justice. We invite all Iraqis to the unity and common sense.

4- We strongly condemn parties who target peace and stability in Pakistan where we invite Islamic countries to help and support Pakistan.

5- We expect end of unjust occupation in Afghanistan where military initiatives must be relocated with civil initiatives in order to decrease suffering of Afghani people. We invite Afghani people in this difficult time to unity and cooperation.

6- In eastern Turkistan, there happened horrendous crimes which are still going on. In this regard, we condemn interested governments and invite them to fairness. We invite Islamic World to understand the sorrows of our brothers leaving there and support them.

7- We expect Armenia to withdraw from Nagorno-Karabakh that is hoped to be solved for 20 years providing territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

8- We invite Islamic World to material and moral support for the peace and stability of our oppressed and aggrieved Caucasian brothers. We strongly condemn those who are seeding mischief and division among our brothers in this geography.

9- We expect the end of discrimination, intolerance and human rights violations directed at Muslims living Europe and USA. We invite the governments of those countries to behave justly and rightly and their citizens to free from prejudices on Islam. We invite Muslims living there to behave Islam representing correctly and conveying its true message in accordance with its principles.

10- We expect all NGOs of the Islamic World and Muslims to help those of our brothers suffering, needy and oppressed. We invite them to help orphans, widows, veterans and families of martyrs.

11- We invite local residents of Darfur of which population is completely Muslims to solve Darfur Problem that is irritated by global powers who plans with it to pass various kinds of projects in local, regional and international levels.

12- At last we invite our NGOs to correctly convey the message of Islam with “effective representation” and “right communication” in accordance with the Islamic principles.

With these feelings, I pray Allah Almighty to give peace, blessings and stability to all Muslim World on occasion of this new hegira year 1431.

29 Dhu al-Hijjah 1430 / 16 December 2009