Editor: Blessed Months and Cleansed Souls

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The Three Blessed Months have been the season in which people with awakened hearts journeyed to spiritual realms. These chosen months have been the opportunities for spiritual rewards and Allah’s compassion and gift in return for the souls’ groaning due to immaterial losses.

The Three Blessed Months have come along with rewards, good news and prayers to the Islamic World. We have been granted bounties and blessings in Night of Ragaib and our souls had progress with sublime feelings in Mi’raj.

In the Night of Bara’ah), our yearly seed of destiny was planted with favorable fruits. In the Night of Qadr, Allah cleansed us. May He repeat that before we’ve messed ourselves.

O Glorious Rajab! The month chosen by Allah. You have come with worship, hundreds of spiritual rewards, with the abandonment of sins and with repents. Conduce to our being forgiven.

O Tremendous Sha’ban! The month chosen by the Prophet. You have come with love, conscienceness, observance and pardon. Conduce to our Master’s (pbuh) intercession.

O Holy Ramadan! The month chosen for the servants. You have come with thousands of spiritual blessings, rewards, bounties and gifts. Conduce to our eternal access to Heaven we are craving.

The reason why Allah makes certain months superior to others and blesses them more is simply because He is the one to “choose whatever He wills”.  During these months, particularly in these troublesome times of trials and tribulations, the prayers and worship of the oppressed and innocent will hopefully shower this earth with rains of mercy. An earth whose most communities are desperately in need and are crying for help… The Prophet (pbuh) declared: “There is no veil (and obstacle) between Allah and the prayer of a person under oppression.” (Bukhari)

In these holy months and nights, the divine presence of Allah is awaiting pure prayers which will take people like Joseph out of wells; which will put an end to the laments of grief in places like Andalusia; which will set free people like Abraham from the fire and people like Hussain from thirst.

It’s no big deal if we do not care about ourselves for a short while, is it? If our souls and Islamic community are longing for peace, it is high time that we hurried ahead to Allah, isn’t it?

Thanks be to Allah who has granted the Three Blessed Months, which cleanse, purify and glamorize the spiritual atmosphere of the Islamic World.

Let the Three Blessed Months, which gain us a spiritual life of eighty years, be auspicious and holy for the Muslim world.

Beloved Friends,

A considerably big part of this very issue of The Pen is on the International Symposium of Bediuzzaman and Risale-i Nur. Once we edit the speeches which we have not yet published, we will Insha’Allah present them in the following months. This symposium yielded many productive results. We hope we will extend the scope of such symposiums in the following years and it will conduce to more brilliant and sublime services.

The Pen is well on its course with enthusiasm. Thanks be to Allah for each month hundreds of brothers are subscribing to the magazine. With your efforts and prayers, the spiritual classrooms of this magazine will be filled with new members and Insha’Allah we will embark on new journeys with each new issue. The previous issue of The Pen, which was in both English and Russian, received remarkable praise and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members.

Now let me invite you to a trip between the pages of The Pen.

I sincerely pray that after these luminous, pleasurable and abundant Three Blessed Months, the other months too will have the same richness, worship and observance within them.