Marks of Islam

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Sha‘a’ir means ‘mark’ or ‘symbol’. Some modes of worship and social institutions are called sha’a’ir al-Islamiyya which   are the things that symbolize Islam, are always seen in Muslim communities, and show that the country is a Muslim nation.
Acts of worship like prayer, fasting in Ramadan, and calling the adhan; articles of clothing like the turban and the hijab; Qur’anic writing and letters, and the mosques and minarets are among the sha’a’ir. And they present the outward manifestation of Islam.
There are two great social benefits of the sha’a’ir:
1- They continuously remind the Muslims of their religion and of Allah (SWT); and they are always a point of support for their faith, and a source of strength. They also inspire the consciousness and identity of being a Muslim.
2- They help the non-Muslims who live in Muslim countries to know and learn about Islam; and in the course of time this may help them to embrace Islam.