Islamophobia : Prejudice and Strategy

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Executive Director of ISNA Leadership Development Center, USA

BLAMING ISLAM AND MUSLIMS FOR THE RISE OF TERRORISM THAT threatens the United States and the West is at the heart of the strategy developed by individuals and groups whose systemic attacks on Islam and Muslims, borne out of either ignorance or hatred, constitute the recent and painful reality we call Islamophobia.

The time has come for the world to undertake a profound shift in political thinking and practice, similar to the one achieved in Europe in modern times. A democratic and free Europe came to life when the feudal system that privileged a small class of European elites was rejected and replaced with a system based on political equality and the rule of law.

A democratic and free world will be achieved when the current political structure that perpetuates political and economic disparity is replaced with one in which all are equally treated under international law, and have fairly equal access to international organizations.