Combating Islamophobia: Obligation of Scholars

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Director of The Fairfax Institute, International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), UK

ONE COULD POSIT THAT THE ORIGINS OF ISLAMOPHOBIA REST IN THE West’s fear that the growing Muslim influence may threaten Western hegemony, in the Western civilization’s definition of the “other”, in the West-centric historical narrative, and in the West’s claim to exclusive ownership of universal values.

The obligations of scholars must rest on understanding the roots of Islamophobia and engaging, through their research and publication, those who are its perpetrators out of ignorance.
While individual scholars must contribute to the growth of positive literature, a greater measure of responsibility rests with institutions such as the International Institute of Islamic Thought, and other academic and research houses that are also publishing entities. Their institutional agenda must provide for – indeed facilitate – the production and dissemination of accurate and authentic works onjuj the religion of Islam and its adherents from perspectives of both belief and practice.