Guidance on the Path of Faith

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Sometimes we get in trouble with some questions in our mind. It suddenly comes and never goes. We try to believe but something is wrong. If we do not reply them in a logical way, it is hard to get over. There are some troublesome questions. Let’s read…
Can existence of Allah be proven?
The existence and oneness of Allah is absolutely so evident that there is no need to prove it. Perhaps asking for the proof of existence of Allah is something like the fish’s asking for the proof of existence of water.
Surely, beings are not what we see alone. Man does not only have ability to see. Mind, reason, conscience, and feelings are also present in man. In this case, it is so easy for every wise man to understand the existence of Allah. First of all, performance of a work or art demonstrates, proves and defines the performer.
For instance, imagine a letter. Even if we did not see the writer of the letter, we could apprehend it has a writer and from the letter, we could tell his job, position, desires and character.
Do we know the architect of the Selimiye Mosque i.e. as it is recorded in history books? Can’t we comprehend that it has a maker? Nobody on earth can see ‘Sinan The Architect’ now. However, nobody thinks that the Selimiye Mosque was built by itself; moreover, everybody can see Sinan’s architectural genius and artistic soul in his works.
The universe consists of letters and arts introducing Allah to us. As all miraculous beings are defining Allah, they also declare “Allah exists and is one” to every man who has reason and eyes, and who looks carefully. Those who take their minds out of the dark passages of their nafs (souls) and look at the universe will see Allah apparently and could understand He hides because of His severity of appearance.
How is Allah able to do all things and deals with everything at once?
Just as a single sun lights up the earth and gives out heat and lights for living things easily.
Can we say “The sun reflects on a tiny piece of glass easily but it makes a great effort in order to reflect on the oceans”? Since it is easy for the sun; it is surely even easier for Allah, the owner of the sun. He creates spring as easily as he creates a flower and heaven as easily as spring.
Man’s soul is concerned with all his body and has all his organs and cells help each other and becomes aware of them all. Namely, if man’s stomach is in pain at the same time with his eye, and his kidney, soul becomes aware of them all. If this case is easy for soul which is the ordinance of Allah; countless acts, sounds, prays, and jobs are not difficult for the will and power of Allah, the Almighty at all, neither do they prevent one another nor do they keep Him busy.
Why does the mind of man have difficulty understanding that Allah has no beginning and no end and is able to do all things?
The reason why it is impossible to grasp that Allah is able to do all things is concerned with our ignorance of degrees of entities. Yet, an entity has both degrees and different worlds.
Created things, namely things that exist are at different degrees of existence and in separate worlds of existence.
For instance, not only hills, rocks, plants and animals but also humans and angels exist. However, degrees of these entities are different from each other. For instance, whereas a stone may occupy only its place, a small bee has a life and may have many vineyards and orchards. Contrary to animals, as man has life, soul and conscious, he is aware of both his existence and the universe and in contact with everything.
Apparently; the lowest degree of entities belongs to matter. Therefore they are doomed to change, deform, decay, destroy and perish. Matter and time are under the command of space. The degree of matter increases only with life and soul.
That is to say Wujud (to exist, to be) grows strong and solid as it gets free of matter. For instance, the existence of body consists of matter. Disintegration and decay of it is always possible. However, death is not able to destroy soul. Soul only changes its world with the occurance of death. Since soul has no matter, its level of creation is higher and stronger more solid.
Particularly, if body gains full strength and if it does not have any matter and is under no restriction it may change many things in the lower worlds of existence.
For instance, imagine a mirror. Direct it towards a huge forest from a high position. Despite its small size, it can reflect the whole forest. It does not stipulate the number of the trees to reflect. If mirror had mind, conscious, knowledge, and power it would not only reflect the forest but also could make many changes in the forest. Those examples make many facts reasonable.
For instance, the fact that Azrael (angel of death) is able to take souls in many places at the same time stems from the height of its degree of entity and its different world of entity.
Man’s soul is concerned with all his body and makes all its organs and cells help each other and become aware of them all. Namely, if man’s stomach is in pain at the same time with his eye, and his kidney, soul becomes aware of them all. If this case is easy for soul that is the ordinance of Allah; countless acts, sounds, prays, and jobs are not difficult for the will and power of Allah, the Almighty at all, neither do they prevent one another nor do they keep Him busy.
In brief, Allah (The Almighty) exists. All degrees of entities exist along with Him. His existence is the ultimate and most essential of the degrees of existence. He is eternal and everlasting. No end and no beginning are possible for Allah. He is not confined to time and place. Angels, men, animals, all living and non-living creatures are like weak shadows when compared to His existence. They are even so weak shadows that many saints thought it wasn’t worth calling them under the title of wujud.
What may be difficult for such an entity?! Just as He created all creations as reflections of Himself, He can eliminate and create them again at Hashr (the Gathering) as easily as He created blossoms and fruits of a tree. He can abolish confinement on time and grant them eternity eternally.
How can we understand Allah has no beginning and no end?
“He is One and Only!”
“Allah the Eternal, Absolute (Everything depends on Him in every aspect, but He depends on no one)!”
“He beggetteth not, nor is He begotten!”
“And There is none like unto Him!” (The Unity Chapter)
Sometimes it recurs to the mind: “How come Allah is eternal? Allah created us, who created Allah then?” Such questions occurring in the mind are unreasonable just like laying down the resemblance of an artist to his work as a condition. In this case, should we think that a carpenter resembles the table that he made!?
Creations have beginnings and ends. They are confined to time. Time is a creation created by Allah like everything, it was created. A beginning and end is surely inevitable for those which appear with a confinement on time and space and which are included in the law of growth and development. The one, which grows and develops surely began one day and will end one day. For instance, a tree begins life with a core, grows and develops. It ages and dies in time. Man is born, lives and then dies. As the Big Bang is the beginning of the universe, which expands with bangs in the sky, the Doomsday will be the end of it.
Allah does not resemble the creations. Allah is free from matter. Therefore, He is excluded from having a space, confinement to time, growth, development, integration and disintegration. He has no beginning and no end. Birth is for those which have matters. Allah surely cannot be dependant on His laws.
Something is either a creation or a creator. Creations cannot create. The universe and humans are in the category of “to be or not to be”. Namely, we are creations. Allah is everlasting in that he chose to make those which are in the state of ‘to be or not to be’ and created them. If the everlasting did not exist, how would the creations exist? Surely, each number is dependent on the number prior to it. Eight is dependant on seven; seven on six; six on five… Whereas each number is dependant on “1”, it is not dependant on any number.
Like all the features we have, we were bestowed with “existence” afterwards. It does not belong to us or fixed in us. We have a life, power, sight, and hearing. If those belonged to us, they would never leave us or none of them would have a degree and limit. For instance, I can hear the sounds in this room but not those in the next room. I am able to carry a weight of 10 kg but not a weight of 50 kg. One day, all of them will leave me forever. Hearing and power were bestowed me by Allah, they don’t belong to me.
All attributes and existence of Allah belong to Him. He was not bestowed with them afterwards and they will never have an end. He is everlasting, His attributes and names have no limit. He depends on no one but everything depends on Him.