From Roseland To The Country of Roses

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Ornamenting the firmament with stars, enlightening our nights, putting various views in our sphere, our Lord has adorned the floor of earth with various colourful and scented flowers and set tables of feast for the pleasure of our hearts.

A starless heaven is unthinkable; likewise a flowerless floor is unimaginable either. Flowers: the mark of beauty, purity, clearness and embroidery.

However, there is one among them, which is the sultan of flowers. Maybe, that is why it has become the symbol of the Sultan of realms. It is created from his light too, like the firmaments. Its beauty from him, scent from his skin and smile from his lips. Its name is remembered with his name. The ones who see it have felt as if they have seen him (PBUH).

They named it rose. They learned how to smile from it. They adorned the gardens of hearts like the gardens of earth.

Now hearts have got a story about rose. Not of the past, but today’s. Not the tongues, but the tears are narrating it; and the pen is just dropping the lines. This story begins in rose land and continuing for the sovereignty of rose.

A land! Roseland! There are many of them, but this one is different. There are many roses on the earth, but this land’s roses are quite different. For these roses obtained the reflections of beautiful eyes. They became blissful by achieving the aims of their creation with the sight of a fortunate person.

The eyes of this person, like bee, wandering around and visiting all the flowers of this land, embroider the delicate hearts. His tongue is whispering to the ears the most mysterious recitations, the most influential prayers and the Supreme Name. So, the roses of this land added beauty to their beauties and scented many smelling.

However, this world is the land of mortality. And there is no eternity in mortality. Every living being is going to die, and every rose is going to fade one day. Since there is no pleasure in transient

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things, the gardener of the rose land should plant such roses that autumn breeze cannot touch even one leaf of them; time cannot alter its spring to fall; and this land becomes not the field of transient roses, but the plantation of the roses of eternal realm. Its earth from eternity, seed from Tuba tree and scent from heaven yard…

The rose land was planted with the gardener’s prayer and our Lord’s favour. Anyone entering this rose land once never wants to get out of it. Many students seeking rose and many devout have been raised in this land. One of them was appointed as the chief clerk to the rose factory with his golden-headed diamond pen. This extraordinary chief clerk embroidered black roses in the garden of light with his wonder-doing-pen. Then, in order to make whole country into a rose land, he sent those roses to all around the country.

However, cruel hands and the ones who want to turn this land into a swamp has wanted to crumble these roses; handcuffed the delicate hands; prisoned in the dark dungeons instead of putting in sunny gardens. They subjected those roses to every kind of oppression and torture. Something unexpected happens, nevertheless. Once having split the stones and blossomed, they shattered the bars of oppression and began patiently to spread from hand to hand and heart to heart and to drain the swamps one by one. While the whole country was getting prepared to be a rose land, oppressors started to break their dark bodies into pieces with their own dark hands.

Now the adventure from roseland to the country of roses is going on. The inhabitants of heaven and earth are saluting the ones in the caravan. Salam to rose lovers! Salam to the rose heroes of rose land!

It is time of rose season, and from now on everywhere is a roseland.