Project for the Unity of Islam*

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Assalamu alaikum

Dear brothers,

Dear friends coming from all over the world,

Today, I am very happy to be here with you, because the reason that has brought you here is only Allah’s sake. We have come together with an immaculate and unblemished intention as real brothers merely to attain Allah’s sake without considering any worldly interest.

No matter how much we return our thanks to Allah, it is not enough.

Dear friends,

Bediuzzaman underscores mostly iman (faith) and tawhid (oneness of Allah) because we discern that Muslims need to be supported in two points. As a matter of fact two third of the Qur’an is about tawhid.

Iman (faith) and tawhid are the two foundation pillars

When a Muslim community has a flaw on these pillars, that community is annihilated right away. Foresight and discernment vanish; and the conscious of solidarity, cooperation, unity, mutual trust are damaged as well. Order, peace, and comfort get harmed. Anarchy and chaos predominate in society.

Thus Bediuzzaman submits effective prescriptions which will restore these two pillars through his treatises.

Bediuzzaman’s goals can be summarized as follows:

1- To fix a certain and verified belief to the hearts.

2- To enable Islamic principles to appear in life according to the tenets of belief.

3- To ensure the solidarity and unity of the Muslims.

He wrote his works in order to attain this lofty goal. He educated students to strengthen their bounds with Qur’an’s truths, letters, and language. He established his da’wah to challenge center of powers of the century.

Dear friends,

We decided to found The NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) in May, 2005 to increase the unity and cooperation among us, to ensure solidarity and union of the Islamic world for the same purpose. We have made a lot of progress since then.

UNIW has been progressing on the way to be a large organization with 110 members from 40 countries. Nonetheless institutional structuring has been going on, we make progress toward action period quickly but cautiously and painstakingly.

Student exchange projects, experience transfer, cultural cooperation agreement, relief and aid, transmission and transportation of Islamic culture and civilization to the non-Muslim countries, combatting anti-Islamism and Islamophobia are some activities of the UNIW.

We do need your prays for UNIW’s success. We believe UNIW with its six commissions, council, increasingly active secretariat will achieve important services in the Islamic world.

In this sense, I would like to thank Ali KURT, UNIW Representative of Turkey, Mr. Ahmed Azam Abdurrahman, UNIW Representative of Malaysia and the director of the commission for Social and Humanitarian Affairs for their successful works in UNIW.

Dear friends,

I hope this symposium will go on for upcoming years; Risale-i Nur will be studied with different themes in Turkey or other countries, Islamic world will benefit from this.

Increasingly profaning world needs spiritual remedies and thank Allah, Risale-i Nur performs this mission properly. Our task is only to benefit from it. I wish this symposium will result in auspiciously. I greet you respectfully.

*This speech was made by Necmi Sadıkoğlu, Secretary General, UNIW, in Bediuzzaman and Risale-i Nur Symposium