Death: Never on our Agenda

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We lost two brothers of us last week in an accident. It was a real shock for us. Two men passed away in their thirties at a time nobody expected.

We have got plans for the future. There are agendas in minds actually. Those agendas mostly are full of objectives to be achieved in this world. Therefore, we put the death—the last thing people would like to talk about—at the bottom of the page. The last thing I would like to face is death.

This life is a long journey which will come to an end sooner or later. We have got a ticket which will take us to a station unknown to us. There are dangers which may stop this journey unexpectedly. We should take precautions.

All of these must urge us to search for solutions that will guarantee our safety through the journey. So, we need to wear our seatbelt first of all, which is the warranty of a safe journey. We need medicines that will transform our wounds-like weaknesses and poverty into welfare.

We do not have an option not to set on a journey. We are in the middle of it, indeed. Whether we want or not, this journey will come to an end. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves in the best way.

This worldly life is a journey (from the womb of mother, to childhood, adulthood, and elderliness, grave and to the hereafter). Death is right behind us, and grave is awaiting us. We have got infinite and troublesome weaknesses; and grievous and boundless poverty which are like wounds giving us pain. What are supposed to do then for a safe journey? What kind of precautions should we take?

The very first two things are to believe in Allah (cc) and hereafter. They are like the medicines which will cure our wounds—which are in this case the pains coming from the past and the concerns of the future. When we have got faith, this journey of life will be secured and the grave will be a gateway to a better life.

Takwa is really crucial at this age, as well. Keeping away from sins is the security of our spiritual life. It makes our lives more protected being away from bod morals.

To conclude, nobody can deny that this life will end somehow. The thing we are supposed to do is to have a happy end for our own goodness. And it is clear, indeed, how to do that.