Can human endure the calamities?

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Allah Almighty has given man the strength to endure and overcome every misfortune. He bestowed the strength of patience to endure every evil. Man can “stand on two feet in any circumstance”. He can “keep his head up”. He can come back to life. He can continue on his way. He can almost be resurrected and rise from the grave again. In other words, human beings were not created to stay where they fell. There are thousands of examples of this in history.

Although the truth is as such, the will of man is dissolved, he cannot bear, and he cannot endure in the face of calamities. He cannot show patience. He loses his will to fight. He falls into despair.

You ask why? Because he misuses the capital of patience and endurance. He spends in vain, finishes, and throws away that capital. If a person can use the patience given to him properly, he can endure any misfortune. He can overcome any hardship. He can overcome any obstacle. For Allah Almighty does not burden people with the burden that they cannot bear. He does not give the weight that they cannot lift.

People should use their endurance in the right place, at the right time and in the right way. Look around! Test your memory! You see many people who keep the past alive in their minds and are affected from it as if it were happening now. You will see how much people struggle with the negativities they have seen, experienced, heard and witnessed in the past by keeping them alive in their minds.

You witness how they make an effort to get rid of the ailments of the past. They almost live the Doomsday in their minds. Their heart veins break off one by one. Their sleepless nights are almost uncountable. Listen to how much people talk inside themselves. Yes, the past does not let go of the people. However, you see that man spends his capital of patience for what happened, finished, and is now past and does not presently exist. For such people, life experiences are “endurance-dissolving” and “endurance-consuming”.

Maybe you might say, “The effect continues, the bad consequences continue, an ember burns where it falls, how can one get rid of it? The past haunts one all the time; how can we leave it behind and not think about it? “It is true that “an ember burns where it falls.” One’s past haunts him, it’s true. It is true that what happened in the past has an impact on today. It is impossible to deny this. What is not true is to see, feel, have pain and be shaken by the negativities of the past as if they were happening today. Because they are in the past. They remained in the past days. The pain and joy of each day was in itself. We are in a new day and a new time now.

Today is not the past day. In fact, the morale that comes from the passing of the negativities, pain and suffering we experienced in the past days is a fresh force for us.

Yes, one must not forget the past. However, he should not be living in the past. He should not always struggle with his past in his thinking. He should learn the necessary lessons from them and continue life.

Just as the past consumes one’s power of patience, the future consumes his endurance. Yes, the thought that the past will continue in the same way, the anxiety of the future, and the fear of the future gnaw the mind of a person like a worm.

“That’s just the way it is! How will I handle the mountain-like troubles? No light at the end of the tunnel! What am I going to do now? I’m done for good. It is no longer possible!” Such thoughts worry people. At this point, one has to struggle with the suffering caused by that anxiety and fear. He exerts resistance and power of patience.

However, if one could think for a moment, tomorrow hasn’t come yet. It doesn’t exist at the moment. Yes, it will come or might come. However, I am in today now. Do I ever get nervous, show impatience and always eat in fear that I will get hungry tomorrow? Do I rush today, in fear that I will get sick in the winter, run out of patience and take medicine today? Of course no.

Well, then should we not think ahead, you might say.

Of course, anyone with a mind should think about their future. They should take precautions for their future. They should make the necessary preparations. Because mind requires this. However, taking precautions is one thing, being afraid of tomorrow, which is not present and has not come yet, and thus showing impatience is another thing. These should not be confused.

“Then what should we do?” You should know that yesterday is gone for good. Yesterday remained in yesterday. Take your lesson from it, but don’t take it into today; or else you cannot feel today’s joy and overcome your troubles. And tomorrow hasn’t come yet. Take your measure, but don’t be afraid as if it exists today. Otherwise, the pains of the past and the fears of the future spoil one’s pleasure. They leave him powerless against the troubles of his present day. That is why man should not exhaust his strength of resistance and endurance in the past and the future.

“How can a person use his patience correctly?” As for this question, the way to do this is “not to scatter your patience in the past and the future.” It is to focus on the day one lives. It is to look at what exists. It is not to see non-existing thing as if it exists. It is not to be afraid of non-existence. It is to know that one’s past does not exist right now, tomorrow does not exist and it has not come yet. It is to take the necessary lesson and precautions and to look at the present day. At that time, it will be seen how easily, without danger and trouble, the events experienced during the day will be overcome.