A Bridge Between Hearts

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Understanding the meaning of life and being a human at the utmost level just with a sincere smile… A smile that warms the hearts… It is like having a spiritual surgery of hearts to get rid of the selfish feelings, anger and impatience by replacing them with generosity, goodness and grace. This consciousness climbs to the top in the Holy month Ramadan, the time of spiritual reflection and worship.

From the very first day, the whole universe welcomes Ramadan with full respect. Ramadan has different aspects in the lives of different people, and brings the peace for all humanity.

Being extremely busy with our business to attain money in order to enjoy the worldly pleasures is what is always preventing us to live as we believe, to act accordingly to our principles set by Rabbu’l alamin. Maybe we do it to some extent, but it is still not enough. Mostly we can’t help living like an instrument of a clever game which is basically merely designed to direct us to help ourselves to worldly pleasures more and more. We forget the poor, we waste, we don’t share and we lose. The more you take, the more you wish for more. This flame of hunger for the transient is fanned in direct proportion to how much you take.

With the glory of Ramadan, like a rain from the mercy of Allah (c.c), we are making revolutions in our minds to catch the climate of love and mercy. So we are fasting in Ramadan. The Arabic word for “fasting” (sawm) literally means “to refrain”. Keeping tongue away from backbiting and gossip, keeping eyes restrained from looking unlawful things, restraining ears from listening the idle talk or obscene words and restraining feet from going to sinful places. Setting up the bridges among the people from different societies and economic levels in order to enjoy the richness of differences and have the peace in the society.

It is the real justice, the life of our prophet(pbuh), and the laws of Allah.

Allah’s Apostle said, “When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.” (Bukhari). It is another aspect of the holy month Ramadan that it brings ease to all humanity to catch the opportunity to gain the best profit. The reason is even non-practicing Muslims keep themselves away from exhibit behaviours that might negatively affect the spiritual atmosphere of this holy month because they don’t feel like having unlawful entertainments since there is less urge from the environment.

Awakening with the truths of  Ramadan, rich takes the poor into consideration. They help them financially, invite them to their houses for dinners. This leads people involved in these activities to feel the miraculous atmosphere of Ramadan. This results in only with happiness. Both of them pray for each other. Hospitals swarms with visitors to give motivation to their relatives or to the people whom they haven’t met before. Young people act more respectfully to the old people.

There are thousands of examples we can touch upon about the miraculous change in the relations among people. What we hope for the future is to see this amazing atmosphere in the twelve months of a year, not only in Ramadan. The specialty of Ramadan will always be different than other months. But the sunnah of prophet (pbuh) orders us to keep this spirit alive through a lifetime. May Allah give us power, consciousness and ilm to gain more success in practicing what we preach.