What coronavirus reminds

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When you look around, you will see that everything has been made with craftsmanship and excellence.

From atoms to flowers, from insects to people and to galaxies we see the artistry and perfection.

All of these point at “knowledge, will and power,” don’t they?

For example, a meaningful book, a beautiful picture, and a well-run country also point at knowledge, will and power.

If you do not accept that a nice picture has a “skilful painter,” a meaningful book has “a scholarly author” or a country has “a president” as an administrator, then how can you explain the way these things are formed or governed?

The writing of a book, the painting of a picture, the governing of a country; don’t they each necessarily require a person who have knowledge, will and power?

Then, we see from atoms to flowers, from insects to people and to galaxies a harmonious order. Surely all of these artful and perfect beings point at one who creates them. And this creator can be none but one God, Allah Almighty!

For instance, coronaviruses are microscopic creations from the coronavirus family that are charged with a duty these days. Just as the creator and sovereign over everything is God, the creator and sovereign of coronaviruses is Allah as well. They only act by the framework that given to them by Allah, and they cannot even move a bit without His permission and command. They are not stray beings.

Everything you see, touch and feel, including coronavirus, has been created from atoms. Now, atoms are so small that their diameter is one in a million millimetres wide.

To comprehend the scale of their size, let’s give look at an example. If you were to count the number of atoms in a salt grain at a rate of one billion times the normal speed, it would take you at least five hundred years. Amazing, isn’t it!

Another example: Let’s assume that you have ten tokens numbered from one to ten. If you were to put these tokens in a sack and randomly pick out one, there was a one-in-ten chance to pick number one. Nevertheless, you have a one-in-ten-billion chance to pick them out in chronological order if you were to pick out all the tokens randomly.

Well then, if a grain of salt has an uncountable number of atoms, is there room for all of them to come together and form the salt by chance?

So, what is the chance of countless atoms’ coming together flawlessly to form your innumerable cells, organs and systems; that is a human body?

If you use this “calculation” and apply it to plants, animals, people, stars and even ultra-microscopic viruses or bacteria, do you think there is room in this universe as tiny as an atom for disorderly, loose coincidence and chance? Of course not!

Now, you have two options.

You either say that one God, Allah Almighty, the sovereign of endless knowledge, power and will, creates and rules over all creation; He can create and rule everything like they are one thing.

Or you accept an absurdity and impossibility: you will illogically believe that every lifeless, unconscious, hands-free, sightless, vulnerable atom has such immense power and knowledge equivalent to what God has. You will deny one God but funnily enough attribute God’s knowledge and power to every single atom. In other words, you will senselessly accept as many gods as there are atoms.

Now the question is:

Which idea do you think a sane person would choose? What stance do you think a person, who claims logical reasoning, will accept?