Fear of coronavirus

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Could you have imagined that a small virus would have completely thrown the world into disarray? A virus that we could hardly see even if we magnified it a thousand times. It has halted everything from education to commerce; from tourism to our social lives. Streets, malls and stores, beaches, places of worship are all empty because of the precautions due to the pandemic. People have isolated themselves in their homes in fear and panic. Almost everyone is talking about the virus. People’s anxiety, fear and panic have peaked. What will happen tomorrow? Will a vaccine be able to be developed? Will I get sick and die too? Will I leave those that I love? With these kinds of questions, the level of anxiety is constantly increasing. Well, what should we do? Is there a cure for this “Covid-19”?

Covid-19 currently has only one true cure: our immune systems. Experts say that the immune systems of people who suffer stress, panic, anxiety and fear collapse and thus they are more vulnerable and that there is a higher likelihood that they will get infected. There isn’t any problem that we can’t find a solution to.  For we have such an excellent immune system with our T-lymphocytes. We are the ones that cause it to weaken by killing these defenders with our fear and anxiety. This way, our bodies are left defenceless against even common germs and we fall sick.

Firstly, we are not doctors or government officials. Therefore, let’s not darken our hearts by continuously following the news and by listening to those gloomy reports. It’s enough to check the news only once per day. Let us take our precautions and stay calm.

Humankind is equipped with many different emotions and feelings. Love, anger, perseverance, patience and fear are but a few of these. Surely, each of these emotions given to us has a purpose. The feeling of fear is a special emotion given to us to aid us to preserve our material or spiritual lives. Materially, fear helps us protect our lives, health, family, belongings and even our country and the things that we hold dear. Spiritually, it helps us not to stray from the human nature, and to save ourselves and others from bad deeds. Anxiety is a feeling given to us so that we can be concerned about our purpose in this life and to realize that we can truly be at peace only when we find the answers.

The source of fear is ignorance. So, we must not forget that the Corona virus is real, but its fatality rate is very low. We should stay home and take all the necessary precautions. Please let us all remember the best medicine against the virus is our immune system.

It is clear that the best nutrients for our immune systems are not only vitamins and minerals but also realizing that everything is done with wisdom; and to accept that there is an order managed by one hand in the universe, to have hope in that merciful hand, to take our precautions and to rely on that mercy so that we may rid ourselves of needless fear and anxiety.

Let’s leave our panic, anxiety and fear that burden us. Have trust in the hand that is behind the things in the entire universe. Let’s keep our morale high and stay calm.  Let’s take refuge in the universal wisdom against this virus by having patience, by reliance and by taking the necessary precautions. Let us always have hope.